Episode 35: He's back.

There standing in Lance's doorway, were Joey and Steve (Joey's brother). Well that was weird eh? Joey had been gone for months, only being heard from every couple of weeks. Lance hadn't actually spoke to him.. Amanda had briefly where he mummbled something about her 'soundin' real damn good'. The others had spoken to him, not generally at length about anything in preticular.

And here he was with his brother. Everyone was quite happy to see him, although it be completly unexpected. Everyone ran around hugging and saying hi and being happy and.. happy. Joey brought an unexpected joy wherever he went, and right now it was rubbing off on everyone's tired face.

"So what'd I miss?" Joey said sitting down to a coke from the fridge.

"Alot" Justin mummbled looking around after tonight, I don't feel like rehashing everything aight joey.. so shut the FUCK up Justin thought bitterly. He hadn't had a very good day. All day long milling around the mall with Chris, who's attention span was about as large as an monkey's.. then being attacked by some fucked up girl with a cheeseit box.. plus he just got a call from his mom pleading for him to come home. She missed him terribly and he didn't really know how to say "I gotta go home, I miss my mommy" without sounding like a woman.

They sat around and talked for a very long time. It was decided that Joey was just going to stay there and Steve was going to be at a hotel. Don't ask why.. they didn't really know either.


The next morning, Joey woke up and stumbled into the kitchen where Amanda was sitting happily atop the counter, just like everymorning watching Lance struggle at making eggs.

"Jesus, its not that hard" Amanda said bumping him out of the way and grabbing the pan

"Are you almost done?" JC said who was sitting at the table.

"This is your fault 'Mr. Fuck Pancakes' " Lance said laughing

"yo, I'm sick of pancakes..." Jc said.

Joey stood there watching them together. Lance was behind Amanda who was cooking with his arms wrapped around her waist with his head on her shoulder. Just like everymorning they were happy as can be. Joey had come to the conclusion they must be sleeping together. They were up at the same time, and they had gone to bed at the same time. Thats weird.. who knew Lance had game... Joey thought looking around for something more edible than eggs. Damn them and their health foods He thought grabbing a couple of mini bags of chocolate puffs and the carton of milk.

The day went by quite peacefully, until in the middle of the afternoon, where Alex and JC had gone out to buy Alex a diamond tennis bracelet and Chris and Justin had gone over to Momma Bass' to help her fix the truck (lance was useless with cars) and Lance was outside sitting next to the pool while Amanda made lemonade for him and Joey, when things got a little complicated.

Joey had come into the kitchen when Lance asked him to go check on Amanda. He was standing in the doorway for a very long time watching her. She was listening to the radio and was swaying as she dug things out of the refridgerator why doesn't she just make lemonade like everyone else? from a can... He thought. She was cutting up lemons and actually making lemonade! Suddenly she felt someone watching her, and turned around to see who it was when it made her jump. The knife slipped and she cut her finger.

"ooh shit!" she said looking at her hand. It was bleeding. Not too bad, but still it was bleeding. She hated seeing herself bleed. It made her sick.

"Oh my god.. are you ok?" Joey said rushing to her... "jesus, its my fault" he said grabbing her hand and putting a dishtowel over the top. Joey was in cub scouts. He knows how to stop bleeding. lol.

"yeah, I'm fine.. I'm fine" Amanda said with tears in her eyes. Her default reaction was to cry when she saw her blood.

"you sure?" he said taking the towel off and holding her hand near his face...

"yeah, I'm fine really" she said looking away.

Joey lifted her hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it. She just stood there uncomfortably ok, he's being a sweet friend. anyone of them would've done it seeing me standing here crying like a pansy Amanda thought looking at him. Then he pulled her into his body and kissed her. On the mouth. Just like last time, she struggled, but this time he was smart. He had his body pressed into hers, and was essentially pinning her to the counter... her hands flailed at his sides. jesus christ! what is he doing? oh my god! get off me! She thought.

"JOEY!" Lance yelled coming into the doorway...

Finally she pulled out from his grasp and ran to Lance's side.

"Get out" Lance said.

"what?" Joey asked

"Get the fuck out of my house, or I will drag your ass out" Lance said angrily.

"Lance..." Amanda said trying to calm him

"No.. Joey get out now!" Lance said.

Joey turned and walked away but before he got out the doorway, he turned and said "Lance, you don't deserve her and you won't be around forever... I'll be back. Trust me" He said and with that he left.