Episode 34: Notice how every time we go out, something bad happens?

So the couples left to go meet Chris and Justin at some resteraunt. When they got there Chris showed off the fabulous purchase he made for danielle while both the girls looked at JC and Lance.

"Hey, ya cheap bastard.. where's my diamonds?" Alex asked looking at JC

"um, c'mon baby, they are in the car..." Jc said looking around.. avoid eye contact... avoid eye contact... he thought.

"And her's?" Alex asked Lance pointing at Amanda

"Um... here, here and.... here" Lance said pointing to Amanda's engagement ring, her bracelet and another ring. damn.. go me. Lance thought proudly

"Dammit lance..." Jc said looking at the ice on Amanda yay.. now ah'm gonna have to buy her some ice too 'look what amanda got from lance' she'll say.. 'he's gonna take her to paris' she'll say.. 'jc, don't i treat you good baby? where's my diamonds?' she'll say.... damn, I gotta call the jewelery store Jc thought.

"Ok, well as fun as this has been, can we please order I am going to die of starvation over here...." Justin said trying to flag down the french waitor.

"heeeeellooo... my name is pierre and I'll be your waaaitor tonight" said pierre the waitor in this incredibly thick french accent.

They all bust out laughing.

"excuuuuuse me?" pierre said

"ahahahahahaha.... sorry... ahahahaha" chris managed to bust out.

"arrrrre we ready to orderrrr?" he asked

"um.. yeah" Amanda squealed out.

Half way through dinner, they heard a scream, "JUUUUSTTTINN!!!!!!".

"oh my god.. oh my god..." the girls stood there squealing and screaming like fools.

Justin looked up from packing mass amounts of french pasta crap into his mouth to look at his adoring fans. One of them was a semi short girl with a cheese-it box with yarn around the top as a strap hanging loosely from her shoulder.

The other, that didn't seem too interested in Justin, but was fixated on lance was a weird looking girl with flaming red/orange hair. And she looked like she'd been hit by a mack truck. Yeah, thats mean but its true. Amanda immdiatly didn't like the way she was looking at lance. Sure, she was what? 13? 14? but she looked like she was going to jump him and ask him to marry her.

"Oh my god! You're Lance Bass! OH MY GOD! I had this dream last night that you rode up to my bedroom window, and took me away on a white horse named toby and then we moved to orlando and bought a house on the beach and we got married and had 4 kids!" the girl squealed. She had a lisp too. How annoying!

"Toby was brown actually" Amanda said matter of factly setting her glass down on the table.

"Who are you? wait... I know who you are... you're..." the girl stammered looking shocked and angry.

"Oh my gosh.. is that? is that her?" the justin girl said

"You're Amanda!" big red

"Yeah, and you are..." Amanda said.

"You're that whore that has been saying she's marrying Lance! Lance what are you doing with her?" the girl said with a very malicious look in her eyes.

"Excuse me? I don't think you just said what I think you said did you?" Lance asked the girl in a very angered southern drawl. dammit lance.. of all the times to be cute..

"OH MY GOD!" the girl screamed turning to her friend the justin girl "did you hear him talk! omg, he is soo... sooo.... beautiful"

"Excuse me... waitor?" Alex said pointing at pierre

"yesss, is there a problem?" pierre said

"Actually yes" Amanda said pointing at the two girls.

"You little beeotch! you are getting us kicked out! you are the obssessed freak saying that you are marrying lance! I read about it on Bass-tic-instinct4lovinLance.com!!! (sorry, I made up a teeny site) You are just saying you are marrying him but you aren't!" the girl screamed

"oh she's not huh? whats this huh? oh is it the BASS FAMILY HEIRLOOM ENGAGEMENT RING?" Alex yelled holding up Amanda's hand.

"WHAT?" the girl screamed, "YOU CAN'T BE!! LANCE!"

"sorry" Amanda said as the girls were escorted out by pierre and one of the bars' bouncers.

After the two girls were completly gone they all sat around looking at each other confusidly... "What was that?" Jc said.

"Notice how every time we go out, something bad happens? Now why is that?" Chris said laughing.

"So you're fans think I'm a whore huh?" amanda said kinda hurt sitting back into the booth.

"And you are gonna worry about those fools because... why?" Alex said confused.

"Aren't they ever happy? jesus christ" Justin said waving the waitor I need some alcholol Justin thought, "can I get a strawberry daquri please?" justin asked as chris laughed what a homo.. strawberry drinks? yeah, good justin. look like a queer. Chris thought.

"Make it 3" Amanda said loudly.

"3?" Lance asked

"One for ju, and two for me" Amanda said leaning back again.

"Sooo....." Lance said when they got back home.

"So" Amanda said laying down on the couch looking around the room ok, remind me to redecorate this room when we get married.. for christ sakes lance Amanda thought.

"Sooooo" Chris said bouncing into the room, jumping over the back of the couch and settling in to turn the TV off

"um, Chris can you leave us alone?" Lance said..

"Why so you can get your swerve on, on the couch? I think not" Chris said laughing and flipping the channel

"leave it there" Amanda said when Chris hit WWF.. ooh, the rock.. what a hottie...She thought

"Amanda..." Lance whined tell him to leave.... please! I want to be alone with you... Lance pleaded in his mind

"what? I like WWF" she said burying her face in her arm stop trying to get me alone so we can make out lance.. She thought.

"Well...." Justin said joining them

"Justin! Chris!" Lance said. "Leave!!" he said.

"Why? let them stay" Amanda said...

"What are we doing?" Alex said walking in with Jc.. Lance had just seen his quite night alone with Amanda turn into WWF night...

"you guys...." Lance said.


"Jesus Fucking Christ, what now? My mom?" Lance said getting up to answer the door.

"Heeelloooo......" they said.