Episode 33: god damn boppers.

Jc, Lance and Amanda drove off to the mall, where they met Alex out in front of JcPenny.. "k, we'll split up and then meet back here in 2 hours..." Alex said.. "wait, what are you going to get?" Lance said.. "oh don't worry... girly stuff.." she said leaning up and kissing him quickly goodbye...as she and Alex walked off leaving Lance feeling rejected.

"Now what the hell does she mean by girly stuff?" Lance said looking at JC puzzled

"Perfume, Makeup, Panties and such" Jc said walking towards the record store

"Why won't she let me come?" Lance asked JC

"Because, it'll kill the mystery of womanhood" JC said

"And that would be..."

"You see lance, its very simple. They say they need 'girly things' to make us picture them in tight little lingerie or better yet in the shower using their new body wash because they like to screw with us. perferably you." Jc said smiling

"Why me?"

"Its like Christmas Lance.. Because I've seen my present... I've already unwrapped it and played with it a million times.. but you.. you are being forced to wait for christmas.. and by christmas, so they are fucking with your mind" Jc said turning into dr. laura all the sudden.

"man, why are women so vicious?" Lance said

"Becuase they can Lance.. because they can"

"Look at these shoes!" Amanda said pointing at the cute slides that adorned her feet

"they are very cute" Alex said.. "but you have a million pairs of shoes"

"you can never have too many pairs... shoes are like.... I don't know what shoes are like, but I love them, they are awesome"

"shoes are awesome"

"what do you think Lance is doing right now?" Amanda asked suddenly looking up from the cute shoes

"thinking about you.." alex said

"hm.." Amanda said

"hmm what?"

"its just he's been acting weird all day.. like extremely..."


"yeah I suppose"

"its natural.. you guys are getting married soon.. and with all this wedding talk his thoughts naturally drift honeymoon wise and.. he's gone"

"he's never been like that though"

"yeah, but he's gonna get some"


"and... be prepared.. he's gonna be on your ass like white on rice... like 24/7 sexual harrassment"

"nuh uh"

"ya huh.."

"ok, I can't take it anymore" Lance said

"can't take what?" Jc said looking up from the little rack of stickers he was looking at

"I'm gonna call her" Lance said taking out his cell phone

"jesus, paranoid much? what is your problem?"

"uh... because"

"ya wanna see her ass"


"what thats it isn't it?"

"actually.. um... well.. I just looked over and saw a sticker with our faces on it. You relize that? US.. and you know how the stupid boppers are"

"yeah, god damn boppers"

"well what if her and alex stumble into claires and some idiot little chick attacks them?"

"yeah and thats the reason you wanna call her... riiight.."

"yeah, well its almost time to meet them, we should be heading back"

"yeah I guess you're right"

So they head off to their little meeting place and after sitting there for a few minutes they see Amanda and Alex walking back carrying bags and bags full of crap..

"damn.. shopping spree there ladies?" Jc said..

"yep, we had you're credit card darling" Alex said kissing Jc...

"So what'd ya get?" Lance said rummaging through the bags... macy's...sephora..some makeup place... some candle place...claires? what the fuck is she buying there? don't they only sell cheap shit that falls apart? He thought...

"Oohh.. look what I bought!" Amanda said triuphantly pulling a necklace out of the claires bag.. "necklace with your name on it! It was the last one too, and this little girl had it and was trying to chose between you and joey until Alex announced to her 'I heard Lance was getting married to this girl soon... and I heard shes really, really pretty and he loves her' and the girl dropped yours and grabbed a joey! it was cool. I should of hooked her up or something but, oh well" Amanda said sweeping her hair up "here, put it on for me will you?"

Lance helped her put the necklace on fastening the tiny silver clasp note to self.. tell johnny those necklaces are rip offs... he thought before studying her neck. second note to self... kiss her neck tonight eh? damn.. does she always smell this good? yeah...what is that? oh shit... thats a Victoria Secret Bag... a big one he thought. "So what else did you buy?" he said eyeing the bag...

"oh you mean that? pjs" she said smiling

"just pjs?" lance said

"and bras and stuff.. some lingerie.. like some tight little satin stuff" alex said before bursting into hysterical laughter. Between the "ALEX!" look on Amanda's face, and the "yeaaahhhhhh" one on Lance's, she thought she might just piss her pants.

"Alex..." Amanda said

"really?" Lance said

"yep" Alex said pushing Lance "c'mon, we gotta get going we're supposed to meet Chris and Justin here in a few minutes"

"alex," amanda whispered... "I didn't buy any of that shit.. i bought pjs and a lip gloss"

"let the boy dream amanda..."