Episode 32: Pancakes are our friend

"mmmm, you smell like pancake batter" lance says with his face smuzzled in Amanda's neck... "oh, get off me you pervert.. your momma is going to be here any minute".. "c'mon.. I'll call momma and tell her... I'll tell her we have the flu and we need to stay in our room all day.. with no visitors.. alone... in bed..." he says smiling up at her, she's taller than him for once, too bad its only because shes sitting on top of the counter.

Things have progressivly become better for our little friends, life has become easier. No bloody masses of curls and no pregancy tests. They've had several peaceful, happy months.

"I'm going to be sick..." Alex says taking the milk carton from the refridgerator.. "and your Mom just pulled up by the way..." she says smiling and pouring some milk.

"god dammit.." lance mummbles pulling away so Amanda can get down.. she smacks his hand and says "don't you mean gosh darnit James?"

Momma Bass is coming over to talk about the wedding some more. They are big on planning ahead in Mississippi. Its barely Thanksgiving and Momma is already planning for May... Then JC comes staggering into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and mummbling about "screw you both and your pancakes" as he sits down to a table full of pancakes for all.

What the fuck does a guy got to do for some waffles around this place? He thinks to himself and why pancakes? why not muffins, or toast.. or something more romantic.. like strawberries. nooo.. they always have to make pancakes!

Justin comes walking into the living room talking politely to Momma Bass, and then heading into the kitchen and saying "yay, pancakes! whens the last time manda made these?"

"3 days ago" Jc says bitterly looking at the pancakes...

"Oh, JC..." Justin mummbles between shoving pancakes into his mouth.. "pancakes are our friend.. not our enemy, besides she could just make us fix our own goddamn meals"

"She's practicing cooking for 35.. ya know how Mississippians are with there babies.. and something tells me that one is gonna want her some grand kids right quick" Alex says eating double, double stuff oreos and leaving the extra cookies for amanda. lol. and pointing at Momma Bass.

"Hey, where's Chris? I want an egg mcmuffin.. he'll go get one with me." Jc says looking around...

"Since when does Chris like egg McMuffins?" Alex asked looking down the hall way... "and since when does Chris get up before noon?"

"Since...since.. ah christ, never" JC said looking sadly at the pancakes... "aw, screw it.." he said grabbing a plate and some syrup...

"Well, I'm off" Alex said setting down her cup

"Where are you going?" Jc asked

"Well my dear, I'm off to buy some shoes for me, and some socks and underwear for you" Alex said laughing and grabbing her purse

"ahaha... why don't you buy him some footy pajamas while you're at it?" justin said laughing so hard he almost blew pancake chunks all over

"well generally he doesn't need any pajamas there ju... tell Amanda I'll call her later, we were gonna go shopping together.. ya know.. girly stuff" Alex said walking out the back door.

In the living room Lance was sitting in a reclining chair watching Momma and Amanda talk. Is it weird that the two most influential people in my life are sitting on a couch drinking tea? yeah, that is weird. Its weird that one I wanna sleep with.. like hella. but its definatly weirder that one gave birth to me... by sleeping with my dad... oh sick.. Lance thought... why can't we just get married today? maybe we can elope... it would be way easier.. plus I could spend tonight in bed... not watching 'murder she wrote' with my mom, and my fiancee who is too nice to tell her to go home and watch tv at her own damn house.. jesus, why am I so bitter? Lance thought getting up and walking into the kitchen to grab something to drink.

"Oh what? sick of listening to the great china debate?" Justin said smirking as he set his pancake plate in the dishwasher..

"yeah, have they decided on anything yet?" JC asked....

"other than to let me stay a virgin for all eternity? nope" Lance said sitting down in a chair by his friends and cracking open a frosty cold.. juice box.

"Maybe the tree top apple juice boxes aren't doin' it for her my man" Justin said laughing

"I've always wanted to get married.. and I don't wanna feel like I'm only marrying her for the sex but.. damn..." Lance said sippin' on apple juice (lol.. "sippin on apple juice..laid back, with mah mind on my money and mah money on mah mind...")

"Perhaps you need to sexually express yourselves by making something other than pancakes" Jc said setting his plate in the sink...

"JAAAAAMMMEEESSSS" Momma Bass called

"well, back into the pit of wedding plans..." lance said takin' his box into the living room.

Later that afternoon, Chris woke up stumbling through the living room in boxers and a fumanskeeto t shirt, and then after relizing Lance's mom was sitting there, abrubtly turned around to put some pants on.

Soon after, Momma Bass had been satisfied by todays accomplishments and went on home, this made Lance very happy. Yeah, he loved Momma Bass, but he was feeling quite frisky, and she was killing it.

After Chris was decent, he relized he needed to go jewelery shopping for Danielle, who's birthday was in a week and he was going to suprise her with something with gold and diamonds.. since he was the jewelery king, he took Justin along with him.

So JC sat around awhile, feeling like quite the third wheel while Lance looked at him meanly from across the room when the phone rang. Lance went to go answer it. It was Alex. She said Amanda and her were going to go shopping for girly things. ooh. girly things? like bras and such? I wonder if they'll let me go...Amanda's always talking about her T Rex arms.. maybe she'll let me help her try em' on...mmm, that would be nice... Lance thought. "LANCE!" Alex yelled into the phone.. "oh, yeah hi.. sorry.. yeah I'll get her"

A few minutes later Amanda emerged from the kitchen telling them to get ready we were all going shopping and then we were going to meet chris and justin and go to dinner.