Episode 30: Awkward (that is a cool word! lol)

As Alex tumbled, they both stopped and relized what had happened... Amanda who was around the corner about to see what was taking so long saw Alex fall.. JC rushed down the stairs and tried to get to Alex.

JC: alex.. alex?

Amanda: *pushing his hand away from her* get the hell out of here... jesus christ.. you've done enough already

Doctors rushed to Alex and loaded her into a stretcher and took her to a room to check her out. Once again, no one was allowed in the room... they just had to sit there outside of the room waiting..

After a few hours, the doctor came back out and looked at all of them.. Jc stood as the doctor asked them all to come into the room.

Doctor: I have some good news but some bad news... the good news is, is that Alex is okay, she herself wasn't injured in the fall but..

JC: but... what?

Doctor: I'm afraid that we have lost the baby.

Everyone: what?

Alex: oh my god... no...

JC: oh..

They all stood there dumbfounded for a minute. Alex laying in her little hospital bed, and JC and Justin standing around her. Amanda felt really awkward being there. As much as she didn't want to leave her alone with them, being as how every time she was something bad happend, she knew all of them needed each other, and needed to talk privatly, so she quietly excused herself and told Alex she would be back. She went back to the room where Chris was to sit with Lance while the three 'parents' all sat there.

JC suddenly relized what had happened. All of this was becuase of him. Becuase of his temper, his anger had caused this pain and hurt for everyone. He had caused Chris' accident, he had sent Justin to the hospital, he yelled at Amanda and Lance and Chris, he had started ANOTHER fight with Justin, but most of all, he had been responsible for killing Alex's baby.. their baby.. or Justin's baby...

His sinking relization caused him to completly break down.. he colapsed grasping onto a still very shocked Alex sitting in the bed. He looked up at her with tears in his eyes.

Jc: I'm so sorry.. this.. this is all my fault... I'm so sorry... *turning to Justin.. then hugging him* I'm so sorry... oh my god... *back to alex* can you.. can you ever forgive me?

Alex reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She needed him there for her right now. She needed this horrible nightmare to just be over.