Episode 3 ~ in da rester-aunt

After a couple of hours of Jc and Alex goin at it... Joey can't take it anymore... He decides to go out to eat.... ahaha

*Joey to himself..again* Where did lance and Amanda go? And where the hell is justin? oh well... i'll go eat a couple of steaks and feel better

Amanda and Lance and Justin's little love triangle isn't working out to well. With every word out of Justins mouth...Lance feels the rage growing inside of him. He just tries to act polite for her... his princess..

Lance: *opening door for amanda* here darlin'

Amanda: thanks sweety

Justin: well.. looks like we need a table... let justin work his maaa-gic *snapping* excuse me! hello?

Server guy: yes... oh Mr. Timberlake.. the best table... right away.. for 2?

Lance: actually 3

Server guy: uh, okay

Justin: well.... lets go shall we princess?

After the hours the two made up love birds just spent.. well making up.. they are ready for lunch.. so they decide to out to eat... things are about to get interesting. (you know how on saop operas all the main characters always seem to be at the same resteraunt at the same time? strange isn't it?)

Amanda: Hey isn't that Joey over there? excuse me.. could you bring over another chair? our friend will be joining us.. JOEY! come here! are you okay?

Joey: *obviously teary eyed* hey little girl... no i'm fine..

Amanda: come sit with us sweety... are you sure you're okay?

Lance: whats wrong joe?

Joey: nothin guys... I'm fine really

Amanda: k.. if you say so.. anyways...

Justin: *looking up* hey its big J and the little woman...

Alex: hey Amanda! hey guys... all of us here at the same time... how weird is that?

Just then it hits alex... she hasn't really thought about it until just now. She had kissed joey... she had more than kissed joey... she had made out with joey.. and the weird part was she didn't remember it and cringe... she almost liked kissing joey...

JC: hey joe.. thats where you went buddy... sorry we got a little.. uh tied up. *giggle*

Joey: *hella bitter* oh no problem buddy

Alex: well we should get our own table josh..

JC: oh c'mon al.. we should sit with our friends... its only right. right?

Alex: I guess.... hey Amanda wanna come to the bathroom with me?

Amanda: *knowing the unwritten code of women... this meant something was up* sure.. be right back sweety..

Justin: no problem mandy

Lance: *waiting till' manda is out of range* what the fuck are you doing justin?


*in tha bathroom*

amanda: whats up alex?

Alex: I just got into this really big fight over jerome with JC and..

Amanda: again? oh alex i'm sorry.. you seem pretty close again.. already *made up* eh? (B..C..)

Alex: yeah but thats not mah problem...

Amanda: then what is it?

Alex: I came back to the bus looking for you and Lance but you were already gone to the parking lot i guess.. well i found Joey instead

Amanda: and....

Alex: and we started talking... and then.. we uh...

Amanda: ALEX! you fucked joey?

Alex: gawd no.. we just made out

Amanda: ALEX! you made out with joey?

Alex: wait... it gets worse

Amanda: you liked it and now you are torn between your first real love and the fling that wasn't meant to be

Alex: you're too good at this crap

Amanda: I know...


Back in the dining room

JC: whoa... lance calm down buddy... you're yelling

Lance: dayum right I'm yelling! his baby blue piece of tennesee trailer park trash ass is after amanda!

Justin: poofoo.... if i tol' ya once.. ah've tol' ya a million tiiiiimes

Lance: no! you listen you bastard! stay away from her! I love her and she loves me and NOT YOU!

JC: lance... please stop your making a scene

Lance: you shut up you druggie! how would you like it if you walked in on joey and alex like making out in the bus or something!

Alex and Amanda are back just in time to hear this...

Jc: but thats crazy, alex would never cheat on me... and joey would never move in on mah lady....

Lance: but justin would! wouldn't you justin? Mr. "call me bounce... i'm AMAZING at basketball..."! You've been trying to steal her from me for...

Amanda: Lance.. whats going on?

Lance: *being the fine southern gentlemen that he is... he doesn't want to fight or curse infront of a woman...* Amanda... its a long story darlin'...

Amanda: lets just go home... c'mon sweety we'll um call a cab... yeah..bye alex.. bye guys

Everyone: bye..

Justin: bye princess, hope after you get poofoo there to sky down you all can be back...

So Amanda pulls Lance out of the place by his arm... wondering wtf is going on... meanwhile lance is thinking about all of the awful things Justin would do to his sweet, innocent little amanda if he ever got her alone... well he'd never let that happen... so they drive back to the bus in a cab and when they get there Amanda decides her and her beau need to have a talk.

Episode 4


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