Episode 29: Paternity

About 4 days later, The day Justin got out of the hospital, he wanted to just go home and sleep. And thats what he had intended to do.. except for what happened earlier that day...

Around 10 in the morning, Alex was scheduled to have a check up for her and the baby anyway, so when she went in JC went with her but when the doctor said "is this the happy father?" JC said "I don't know, do you do paternity tests here?"

Somehow, without Justin's knoledge JC had scheduled an appointment for later that morning for he, justin and Alex to come in and get a paternity test done. The results would be availible in a week and they would know who the father was.. for sure.

Jc and Alex came back into the hospital room after leaving and found Amanda reading out of the romance novel again.

Amanda: "Pierre! oh pierre!" Veronica shouted with pleasure..

JC: When do you get out today Justin?

Justin: I don't know.. I think they said..

Amanda: 3:00.. why hello to you too.. geez

JC: Well can you walk?

Justin: yes.. kinda

Jc: well get up, we're going to take a paternity test

Justin: a what?

JC: a paternity test... they are gonna take some of our blood or something and then they are gonna know whether the baby is mine or yours..

Lance: JC, maybe you should just wait a while.. I mean there is no point in going into this now...

JC: stay out of it Lance, this doesn't concern you

Chris: Poofoo is right... just let it go for right now man

JC: shut up Chris

Amanda: what the hell is your problem? jesus, can't you just wait until' he's been home for awhile?

JC: you too... this isn't any of your buisness, you aren't his mother.. he can take care of him self

Amanda: no, I'm not his mother, but I'm his friend, something that you sure aren't acting like otherwise you'd be a little more concerned about what rushing him around could do to him

JC: oh, sorry for not being more caring, but being as how the only reason we are getting a paternity test is because he slept with my girlfriend

Amanda: *standing up.. she can be a bitch under stress* Well sorry for being caring but maybe if you didn't have to act like a punk ass little bitch and hit him over the head with a freakin' pole he wouldn't be in the hospital and I wouldn't be bitching.

JC: why are you so concerned about Justin anyway?

Amanda: because someone has to be.. no one else seemed to give a flying fuck if he lived or died out there except for me..

Justin: Amanda.. it's okay... fine.. lets go..

Amanda: no.. you are not getting up until' a doctor gets in here and tells me it is okay for you to be waking around and isn't gonna screw you up forever cuz JC wants to demand shit..

Justin: Its ok.. I'm okay.. just stay here with Lance ok? I'm going... c'mon... you're so ready to go, lets go then

Justin left with Jc and Alex and they all watched them leave and when the door shut Lance said..

Lance: why is he acting like such a ass?

Chris: He was fine... I bet going in there with Alex just reminded him how angry he was at everyone... at the world..

At the other side of the hospital, Alex went in, they took some ambiotic fluid that will help them establish the baby's blood type and DNA make up, then took blood from JC and Justin... JC was the last one to go in, and when he came out he seemed even more pissed than he was before

Justin: Am I done now?

JC: yeah, are you done trying to screw up everyones lives?

Justin: what?

JC: ya know what? I can't believe Amanda is so god damn forgiving, if I remember right not too long ago you were trying to break her and Lance up, and that didn't work so you had to go and screw around with Alex didn't you Justin?

Justin: JC we've been over this, what else do you want me to say.. yeah.. okay lets just blame it all on me.. Justin is the bad guy.. can I go now?

JC: yeah you are the bad guy, you are an asshole who just can't leave anyone alone... and the worst part is, you have Amanda and Lance in there thinking you are a perfect little angel and that I'm the dick.. well you know what? I'm sick of taking the blame for everything you do Justin.. you did this, this is your fault

Justin: You aren't getting the blame for anything you don't deserve it for, yeah okay I was totally wrong for doing what I did but what about you? Alex wouldn't have even been in that room with me if you weren't such a lying druggie bastard

Jc: you stupid mother f*cker

JC hit Justin, and Justin's head moved to the side... he was sick of standing there and taking it too... He reached back and punched JC in the face, they began fighting again, moving towards to stairs.. and this time it was Alex that got in the middle of them.. she pushed inbetween them both and as they both continued to swing she was knocked down and right down a flight of stairs.