Episode 28: Lusty Springs

(LOL, in 7th grade I had to do a report on this poet. I *think* his name was Sir Edmund Spenser.. thats the name that comes to mind. Anyways, I didn't like his poetry, so I went online and searched for some of his sonnets. LOL, and printed like 20 out at school. Well, I was in this big fight with my best friend at the time (lol, I say at the time because now like 3 or 4 people are my 'co-best friends' one of which is Alex, who I wasn't chillin' wit at the time. anyways) So I wasn't sitting with her, I was sitting with my crush (and friend) and my semi crush/friend (I'm really attracted to him now.. anyway this is getting TOO LONG) and my crush ended up sitting on the table next to mine reading me poetry.. lol. stupid little like dr. suess poetry. well when I emerged with sonnets, they were like "wtf is this?" and i'm like "poetry by my poet" and they were like.."ooh lemme see" and I started reading some of it and laughing and I was like "lusty springs?" and then they ended up reading it outloud to me.. and then we were all laughing and my crush goes "dude, what is this supposed to be about?" and I'm like "its a sonnet.. its about love and romance and stuff" and then the other guy goes "this sounds like a porn name. lusty springs" I'm sorry I just took up 3 minutes of your valuable time hearing my 7th grade stories.. lol, sorry.. you had to be there anyway. But it explains the name and some of the scenes below with Me, Chris and Justin. I know Y'all scaredly clicked here hoping that your beloved Justy wasn't dead. Lol. Well on with the story..)

Amanda: what?

Doctor: hes gone back to sleep... he falls in and out of conciousness many times.. earlier he was asking for you, then he asked for someone named JC.. is that one of his friends

Amanda: yes, why didn't you come get us?

Doctor: many times patients call out names that are gibberish.. they call for a dog they had as a child, or a teddy bear.. something odd like that... we didn't know

Amanda: can I stay in here with him?

Doctor: yes, are you planning on staying the night

Amanda: yes actually... is he asleep right now?

Doctor: yes..

Amanda: I'll be right back...

Amanda ran down the hallway and into the waiting room where she saw lance teary eyed

Lance: Is he dead?

Amanda: no, no.. they needed someone to calm him down. they want to shave the back of his head and he freaked out and yelled at the nurse...

Lance: oh...

Amanda: they are going to let me stay here with him, and I'm going to sneek into Chris' room too... I'm going to stay the night with them, I'm going to ask if they can get one big room...I'm sure that will be no problem right?

Lance: amanda...

Amanda: what? I'm staying

Lance: they probably won't let you.. besides you don't need this kinda stress.. Amanda you need to come home

Amanda: I'm staying here with them both, and no one in this redneck hospital is going to stop me.. I don't care if I have to steal a nurses uniform by kicking one of their asses, I'm staying here with Chris and Justin... where is JC?

Alex: outside..

Amanda: okay...

They both watched as she just walked right outside and sat down next to JC as if they were at home watching TV

Amanda: will you come in there with us please? we all need each other right now... can we worry about everything from the past after our friends are out of intensive care?

JC: I don't want to be in there because it hurts me too much. it hurts me to think that I'm the reason Chris is here, and Justin, It hurts me to see you and Lance supporting each other becuase it hurts me to see Alex like this but not being able to hold her and take all her problems away

Amanda: but you can hold her, and for that minute you can take yours and her problems away

JC: its not that easy... you don't know what its like to be betrayed by someone you love so much and then look at them knowing what they've done... how can I move on, everytime I see her, everytime i close my eyes I will see her with justin

Amanda: I dont? I don't know what that feels like? At least you didn't walk in on them JC, and at least she didn't go dislusional and almost get married to him.. I know what this is like and we moved on. for days when I closed my eyes I saw him with his hand on Britney's head while she... ughh... and there are days where I'm just about to fall asleep and I look over at him and thats what I see. I see him with that slut..I think of it and I want to slap him, but then I remember for that one mistake, for that one awful day, we've had hundreds of other completly amazing days together, and just like britney couldn't take those away from you, a one night stand with justin won't either.

JC: amanda...

Amanda: she obviously loves you otherwise she'd still be sleeping with Justin right? she wouldn't have told you like she did, she would've brought you on rikki lake or something and punk out on you like that. She loves you more than anyone else on this planet JC and please don't throw the last years of love you've had away.. you've made plenty of mistakes right... and you proved that your love was stronger than any of them... give her the same chance she gave you.

No one knew what they talked about, but what was apparent was that out of nowhere JC was up, and in the waiting room, walking over to Alex and holding her. as they collapased into each others arms, Amanda asked Lance to drive her home real quick so she could get some stuff.

When they came back, Alex and JC were both obviously teary eyed and still holding each other, almost simultanously that Amanda and Lance walked in, the doctor walked in.

Doctor: We got the guys in the same room like you asked, and Justin is concious again, but Chris has been heavily drugged and is awake, but rambling and asking for all of you by name, you can see them now..

All four of them rushed back there and crowded into the room... Lance went to Justin's side and Amanda, JC and Alex to see Chris... Chris looked ragged. His face was cut up and he looked pale and strange like Justin.

Amanda talked to Chris, then went over with Lance and Justin, but JC stood there next to Chris and he and Alex both held his hand. He was semi-concience but sometimes he would open his eyes and look at them and say something clever that only Chris would say in this situation.

Chris: hell, at least it wasn't a truck

JC: oh chris, I'm so sorry..

Chris: I figured it out man, you were trying to bump me off to steal my solos.. being as how you NEVER get to sing...

JC: don't even say that.. its not funny.. I didn't do it on purpose I just..

Chris: for once can you not be serious.. christ.. lou isn't here you retard...

The doctor told them that they needed to clear out, but 2 people could stay with them.. JC really wanted to stay and so did Amanda. Lance tried to make her come home with him, he didn't want her going through this right now but she started telling him that "he would have to drag her home from behind the truck because someone is going to stay here with him."

Lance and Alex drove home and Alex sat up all night worrying.. and so did lance.. around 2:30 in the morning, Lance came downstairs and saw her sitting at the kitchen table crying.

Lance: are you okay?

Alex: no.. everything is so messed up and its all my fault

Lance: no.. don't say that.. this isn't all your fault.. it isn't anyones fault

Alex: yes, it is my fault..

Lance: no.. no it isn't...

Alex: I'm just so worried... about Chris.... and Justin.. I never thought anything like this would happen.. and JC.. he's so... he's so very fragile right now.. what if something happens to Chris? It will kill JC, I just know it will....I want to be there with him

Lance: yeah, I know.. I wanted Amanda to come home but she got all vicious on me.. so I didn't know what to do..

Alex: I know.. they are both so stubborn when they want to be

Lance: lets go to the hospital.. at least that way we won't be sitting here wondering what going on

Alex: yeah, lets go

In the hospital room, Chris and Justin we actually kind of comfortable.. Amanda brought them their pj's instead of the beutiful assless hospital gowns.. she brought Chris his headphones and cd's and Justin a book... he had started reading apparently at some point since she was gone becuase she saw him sitting outside reading on several occasions.

They both tried to be funny, Jc stayed serious and Amanda was still the motherly little nursemaid.. she was doing the nurses god damn job too.. getting them juice and crap..

Around 3 in the morning Chris was still wide awake but somehow Amanda had managed to lull Justin asleep by reading to him and holding his hand. She quickly discovered his sudden interest in reading. He was reading his Mom's trashy, porno-esq. romance novels. After he fell asleep Amanda stopped reading, but when she did she heard a giggle and then Chris shouting "keep reading! that book is phat!" In the middle of her readings, Lance and Alex walked in...

Amanda: and as he placed his large hand upon her writhing body...

Lance: Amanda! what the hell is that?

Amanda: Lynn's romance novels.. damn, this is a sweet book

Lance: AMANDA!

Amanda: Don't gimme that bullcrap.. Chris was just telling me about how this sounds like a porno that Joey, him and YOU were watching

Lance: Chris!

Chris: shut up.. she knew you watched porn.. we all do.. its not a big secret.. jesus, she's your fiancee, not a bop reporter

Lance: I don't watch porn manda

Amanda: yeah you do

Chris: Lance will you kindly SHUT UP? keep going.. writhing body.. yeah. then what?

JC: it was just getting good

Justin: *waking up* what did I miss? did pierre lay veronica yet?

Chris: yeah.. you missed it.. now hes placing his 'large hand upon her writhing body'

Justin: dammit! go back.. I want to hear it.. I think I feel asleep

Chris: don't make her read it again.. it took her 5 times to get through it without stopping and giggling...

Justin: read it again! here just hand me the book... I bet I can read it without giggling..

Alex: well for a couple of guys in hospital beds, we're awful sassy this morning aren't we?

Justin: And then Pierre slipped her delecate undergarments off, he exasperated a low sound of satisfaction at what he saw... *giggle*

JC: see... it's not easy to read that

Lance: Y'all have been doing this for hours? reading a romance novel?

All four: yep..

Alex: and we thought we were missing something....

It made them both so angry to be immobilized like they were. Neither of them were allowed to get up for any reason, Chris for obvious reasons, and Justin because they still weren't sure what the blood loss had done to his equal liberium.. perhaps damaged it forever, and they weren't ready to take the chance of him falling down and busting his head open just yet, and that chance was very great being as how his busted ankle made it nearly impossible to walk without swaying.

It was kinda odd how one moment they were both on the brink of death, and the next they were up agging each other to read the porno romance novel.. but it is a 'soap opera/fan fiction' and you know how miraculous miracles work on soap operas

Don't get me wrong.. they were by no means cured... Justin stayed another day for observation, and they were still unsure if Chris would ever be able to walk again. He had broken several vertebrate and was definatly not all good...