Episode 27 ~ Red

Amanda: Justin? Justin are you okay? Someone come help! quick!

The aid car people ran to Justin and the woman saw his hair and his face she imediatly rushed Amanda out of the way.

As the ambulance pulled away carrying Chris, and JC, the Second Ambulance was loading Justin..

Aid Car Chick: Is anyone coming with him?

Amanda: I will....

Lance: Amanda! No! you don't need to see him like that....

Amanda: I'm going with him.. someone has got to

JC watched the aid car people hook Chris up to a machine, he was alive but he was badly hurt.. he couldn't really make out too much of what they were saying, after all it was all in weird medical language, but when he heard 'internal bleeding', 'broken neck and back' it sunk it for him. Chris may not be able to ever walk again.

Amanda watched as the aid car people hooked Justin up to the same type of machine as Chris and hold something to his head to stop the bleeding... she listened to the talk and relized that Justin was minutes away from losing so much blood he may go into a coma. The woman asked her what had happened to him, that he'd lose this much blood.. she said it looked like he'd been hit with a pipe or something.

JC sat next to Chris and tried to talk to him. He was quite convinced he was going to die and it was all his fault. He told him how sorry he was, and how he never meant to hurt him. Chris' eyes were closed the whole time and the only sign of life that JC could cling to was the steady 'beep' of the life meter thingy.

Amanda was looking at Justin's face. He is going to be very sad she thought. His nose was already swelling and was very purple, his hair was matted and bloody. Through all of the cuts and bruises and blood Amanda still saw normal Justin. It was odd, becuase while JC was looking at Chris as if it were the last time, Amanda sat quietly holding justin's hand.

As the ambulances pulled up, so did Lance's car with him and Alex getting out and following the stretchers. Amanda was very very worried about Chris, but it angered her the way they were all treating Justin. JC and Alex didn't seem to give a carp about him, even though they we the reasons he was lying bloody and minutes away from death in a stretcher. But they were also the reason Chris was lying in stretcher.

They were brought to the emergancy room where no one was allowed in with them, and especially since none of them were related to the guys, they may not be allowed to see them until they were in stable condition, and the shape they were in that could be hours, more less days.

The waiting room hours were troublesome, there were the 2 happy couples that weren't so happy. Lance trying to comfort a crying Amanda, while she was sitting there not knowing why she couldn't stop crying, and a few feet away a somber, zombie like JC sat thinking morbid thoughts about what was going to happen to Chris. Alex also sat quietly, however through her grief was anger.

Anger at everyone, angry at the world. Angry at JC for fighting with Justin and hitting chris, angry at Amanda for being so supportive.. why I am so angry? she thought. This is the time I should be with my friends, and all of us helping each other, not harboring this kind of bitterness.. she reached for JC, she wanted nothing but to be held by him, for him to hold her to his warm body and tell her that everything was going to be okay, that soon enough everyones lives would return to the happy little ones that existed before all of the madness. As she reached for his arm, he violently jerked it away and got up and walked outside.

JC was angry at everyone, but mostly angry at himself. He was the reason Chris, one of his very best friends was in the hospital. He was so mad at them, mad at them all. They had all kept this secret from him, this horrible little secret that hhurt him so badly. She reached for him and he had turned her away, through all of his anger, he had this deep feeling inside of him to go to her and hold her to his body and tell her it was going to be okay. But instead he sat on the cold little bench outside of the waiting area: alone

Minutes drawled into hours, soon it was very late at night and Lance tried to coakes her to go home and at least change and take a shower. He kept telling her she'd feel better and that she wouldn't be so tired when the doctors finally let them see the guys. But she just sat there like a invalid and shook her head and then pressed it back into his big mississippi chest (ahaha)

As Alex sat there alone, and watched Amanda and Lance she looked around the room at something to look at. Suddenly she saw Amanda move from Lance's body and walk over to her and give her a hug. They sat there and Alex's anger melted away. Right now as much as Amanda needed her, Alex needed her 10 times more.

They all still sat there silently, now in more of a bundle than random people sitting around, Lance had sat down next to Amanda and held her hand as they still sat quietly.. suddenly like a flash of lightening, the doctor walked to Amanda and said "are you with Mr. Timberlake?" she quietly almost as if she'd forgotten how to speak said "yes, i suppose" then he said "please come quickly, hes being.. well... come with me and I'll explain"

Amanda got up and wobbled like she was going to fall, but then quickly followed the doctor, he began to explain "You see, Justin has 2 broken ribs, a broken ankle and severe skull trama, we are afraid that if he continues to bleed that he will suffer from the complications related to blood loss.. in order to seal the wound we need to be able to get to the area. Justin was very much out of it when he was brought in so we gave him some anestesia to ease any pain he might be feeling. Well in order to get to the area, we are going to have to shave a portion of his head, in the back, not too much and when done all around it will look just like a normal hair cut, well justin woke up as the nurse was trying to do this and became very irate.. we're hoping you can calm him down but we will have to tranquilze him if he doesn't settle down"

As Amanda walked into the room she saw two nurses, both rather old sitting in the side of the room with justin lying in the bed with his eyes closed..

Amanda: Justin.. sweety..

Justin: *feebly opening his eyes* oh Amanda.. thank god.. they are trying to shave mah head...

Amanda: Justin they have to sweety.. you have a big cut on the back of your head and you might die if they don't close it... Justin please.. let them shave it.. it'll grow back.. it'll look normal in a few days.. you can wear a hat..

Justin: Amanda...

Amanda: Justin listen to me.. they are going to do this.. I'm giving them permission.. see.. *turning to nurse* go ahead

Justin: but...

Amanda: here... come here.. give me your hand sweetie.... god, if anything happens to you two...

Justin: us two? is JC in the hospital too?

Amanda: no.. sweety chris is.. while you guys were fighting, he tried to get JC off of you and Jc kinda pushed him.. he got hit by a car sweety...

Justin: where is JC

Amanda: outside.. hes sitting alone on a bench...

Justin: will you please tell him I'm sorry, and that... that....

Suddenly Justins eyes closed and he sat there silent. His normally tan face was sickenly pale and his golden culrs were now a dark brown shade of crimson... Amanda looked around the room, until her eyes met with the doctors.. as tears welled in her eyes he said "he's gone"