Episode 25 ~ Uh OH.. Again

When they finally got to the little diner, they parked and got out. Amanda didn't even notice the dirty looks Alex kept shooting her. How could she be so nice to Justin? After all he'd done? And invite him into her home, be nice to him, talk to him.. it was all so sickening to her. Justin kept trying not to act strange, Chris kept trying to make everyone laugh, even though it was only the clueless JC who laughed, and nervous giggles from Amanda and Lance.

They were seated and one side of the table was Lance with Amanda in the middle and then Justin, where the other side was Chris, with Alex in the middle next to JC... in case you are trying to visualize this, its JC and Justy across from each other and Amanda and Alex across from each other.

Everyone talked nervously. Still shockingly JC didn't even notice. After they were done eating, JC went to the bathroom. As soon as he left Alex said she needed some air and went outside. Almost the whole time Amanda kept her hand in Lance's, and when things got particularly odd she squeezed it... he knew when it was coming too.. they all were on edge so much. About 30 seconds after Alex left, Justin stood up and just left..

Chris: where do you think you are going?

Justin: to talk to Alex..

Amanda: Justin.. please don't...

Justin: don't worry okay? nothing is going to happen.


Justin: Alex, we need to talk

Alex: we don't need to do anything..

Justin: listen to me.. you haven't said a word to anybody all day.. god lets act a little more obvious. at least talk to Amanda

Alex: why? she let YOU of all people in her home and is being nice to you.. this is ALL YOUR FAULT


JC: *walking back to the table* where did Alex go? Did she go outside? She keeps going out for air alot.. maybe its becuase shes breathing for two.. *giggle* I'll go check on her

Lance: JC! no.. I'm sure shes fine

Jc: oh Lance, I just want to go see my darling. you know how that is....

JC walked over to the door and stood there for a minute


Alex and Justin both are turned so they can't really see the door. This dumpster thing was in the way...

Alex: yes, YOUR FAULT!

Justin: What are you talking about? It took us both to do what we did.. in case your memory is wacked out I'll remind you.. I didn't molest you.. it was a two way thing Alex.. and if I remember right you are the one that told me we didn't even need a condom

Alex: Its still your fault.. your fault for coming here, your fault for letting me sleep with you.. you should've known better... you shouldn't have let me tell you that.. you should've known we needed one.. now look what you've done! look what you are putting us all through!

JC: What the hell is going on here?