Episode 24 ~ Happy little reunion

The next morning Lance woke up and crept out of bed trying not to wake Amanda up... he went down to the kitchen and started to unsucessfully make pancakes... after like 5 burnt ones, he finally got the hang of it and made perfect little pancakes.. he was so proud..

Alex and JC woke up around the same time.. Jc wanted to cuddle.. he kept holding her and calling her things like "momma" and rubbing her stomach and talking to the baby... it hurt her so much because she knew how much all of this would hurt him... she tried not to give anything away.. not to make her feelings too apparent but she didn't know how much longer she could take this. The guilt was almost too much to bear.

Amanda finally woke up and went downstairs to find her little man turning out these perfect little pancakes. They were sitting at the table eating pancakes in their pajamas when the doorbell rang. Amanda and Lance playfully ran to the door. Lance triuphantly stopped and said "I beat you" and opened the door.. our short little Amanda was trying to see so she bent around Lance..

Justin: Hi!

Chris: Hey there!

Chris wasn't so complicated. No one had to think. Everyone was always happy to see Chris. Maybe it was something about him.. he just seemed to make people happy.

On the other hand, Justin went to hug Lance.. he didn't know what to do. Part of him wanted to be mad at him for some reason. Maybe for putting Amanda through this. But, then he relized it wasn't just Justin that made her spaz and get all stressed.. it was the whole situation, and if he was going to be mad at him, then he had to be mad at JC and Alex too. After Justin had hugged Lance he stopped and looked at Amanda for a minute. Finally after the shock and confused state wore off Amanda relized no matter what, he was one of her friends, and it wasn't going to be easy for anybody.

Amanda: *hugging justin* hi, how are you?

Alex walked.. rather waddled down the stairs. Her feet hurt like hell. Just as she hit the last step she saw Amanda and Justin, hugging in the doorway.

Alex: What are you doing here?

Justin: Alex...

JC: Justin! Chris!

Justin: oh.. 'ey JC

Chris: hey JC!

JC ran at Justin.. Justin couldn't tell if he was going to rush him or hug him.. he ended up hugging him and smacking his back, and then grabbing Chris and doing the same

JC: damn! I'm so happy to see you! It seems like forever!

Justin: yeah, way too long... a month is like the longest we've been apart for years.

Chris: way too long..

JC: yeah! I know! oh my god! We haven't told you have we? I can't believe! oh.. *Jc puts his arm around Alex* We're going to be parents!

Justin: oh.. I mean..

Chris: Thats really great man... really great

Justin made brief eye contact with Alex, but she abrubtly looked away.. Under normal circumstances, Amanda and Lance WERE NOT actors nor good liars by any means, but when Alex glanced at Amanda she was smiling and shining like always, as if everything was fine. What she didn't see was that Amanda was leaning on Lance because she genuinly afraid of passing out right there on the spot.

Justin and Chris came in and asked Lance if they could stay there.. Lance looked at Amanda and she imediatly said "yes, we'd be happy to have y'all in our home!" She avoided eye contact with Alex. She knew that this would not please her at all. Lance and Amanda showed them to a room while Jc and Alex stayed in the living room.. Alex quickly sat down on the couch.. she felt like crap. She barely slept last night, then she had to suffer through JC calling her "momma" and now this.. it was too much..

As they walked down the hall, Justin and Amanda following Lance and Chris, Justin leaned in and whispered, "does lance know?" and Amanda said "yes, does Chris?" "yes" justin said and then Lance turned around and began giving the grand tour

Lance: thats a bathroom, and thats our room

Justin: huh?

Lance: Amanda and I.. thats our room

Chris: *opening the door* there is one bed in there... Lance? you animal.. what does Momma think?

Lance: Momma doesn't know... and she won't will she?

Chris: nope, not from me...

Lance: and this... is your room, and the next one is yours Justin

Lance opened the door and showed justin and chris where the closets were, and which doors went to the bathroom, and the other doors leading to the hall way... when out of no where..

Justin: so JC doesn't know yet?

Amanda and Lance: no...

Justin: Is she going to tell him?

Amanda: I really don't know

Justin: you really didn't know till' yesterday?

Amanda: no, I sware I didn't... thats why I'm still quite confused on what to feel, but.. I don't know.. We'll let you get settled.. when you are done unpacking would you like to go to lunch?

Justin: sure, that sounds nice... thanks you guys.. really thanks so much.. I didn't know what to expect.. I figured you'd slap me or something Amanda

Amanda: It took two of you to do.. what you did.. and if it would be quite hypocritical to stick by Alex and not you. Its hard for all of us, I just wish JC didn't need to be hurt

Justin: me too.. honestly.. I never ever...

Lance: sweety... lets let Justin and Chris unpack...

Amanda: yeah.. bye

Alex sat on the couch her head still spinning. There was her and Justin, the one night stand. Two of us who have will drag so many people down with us, Amanda the horrible liar and constant worrier, Lance the clueless fiancee', Chris her best friend, Joey.. well...whos Joey, her poor little baby who hasn't done anything to deserve all this and JC.... the love of my life... she thought wanting to just crawl in a hole and disappear for awhile. When Amanda and Lance came walking back down the hall she wanted to scream at her. How could she let him in her house? After all that he's put them all through? It didn't even minorly occur to her that if Justin was the bad guy, so was she.

Chris came out minutes after being there and sat down next to Alex. They engaged in small talk, and JC was just beaming. Almost all of his friends in one place to share this happy time!

When Justin emerged, changed and nicely put together, Lance suggested that they go out to lunch.

Lance: Justin and I can go pick something up and bring it back here, that way we all don't have to go out

Amanda: oh thats a great idea (that way Justin and JC aren't together, and certanly not left alone together)

JC: C'mon you guys! Lets just all go out for lunch! We have so much to celebrate you know? Justin and Chris being back here with us, and of course, the baby! Alex? I know you want to!

Alex: um.. actually..

JC: Its settled! Lets go!

As if the ride in the car wasn't uncomfortable enough.. the silence and then someone trying to make small talk, usually JC. The strange answers, the distance and tension between them all was so immense, no one knew what was going to happen.