Episode 23 ~ Where's Joey When you need him?

Amanda and Alex left the room and came back like everything was okay... happy go lucky little JC didn't notice anything really happened... because Lance shrugged it off as "girl talk"... when Amanda goes back into the kitchen she finds lance bending down, sweeping up glass and cookie chunks

Amanda: baby.. don't do that.. i'll do it..

Lance: no, no its okay... so what happened anyway..

Amanda: oh lance...

For no apparent reason Amanda grabs lance and just hugs him.. there they are sitting on the kitchen floor infront of a pile of cookie dough and glass hugging.

Lance: Amanda.. what's wrong? what happened?

Amanda: lance....

JC: *walking in* Am I interupting something?

Amanda: *standing up trying to be her normal perky little self* no, actually... Lance sweetheart, did you still want some cookies... I think I'm going to bake some cookies.. how bout a pie? You're dad likes pie eh? I think I'm going to bake him a pie and then we'll go over and take it to him? does that sound good?

Lance: *confused* yeah sure.. that sounds fine

Back in Tennessee Justin called Chris and talked to him for like 3 hours... he told Chris everything that had happened.. and about how he told Amanda and then she wigged out and then how he had no idea what was going on right now...

Justin: then Lance goes "what the hell did you say to her? she just dropped the cookie dough everywhere and grabbed alex and pulled her into our room" and then I said some crap to change the subject, but then Lance said bye and didn't seem like he really cared what I said, just that she was okay.. what if she tells him and he tells JC? what happens if...

Chris: you gotta go there

Justin: where?

Chris: Mississippi

Justin: no.. I can't do that...

Chris: be a god damn man for once... if you were man enough to let her cheat on her boyfriend, your best friend may I remind you.. then maybe get her pregnant, you betta damn sure be man enough to go there and see what kind of mess you two have made of all our lives.

Justin: you're right.. I gotta go....

So Amanda went on a baking spree.. talking incredibly fast.. JC couldn't even understand her.. Lance heard what she was saying and so did Alex.. they were used to it. She always did that. When she knew what she was talking about she started talking so fast no one could understand her. He saw in her eyes that something was wrong. He's seen her like this one other time. The very first time he had to leave to go on tour since they had been dating she spazzed out and pretended she was okay and went on a cooking spree. He went to a costume fitting and when he came back for dinner she had made 3 kinds of cookies, 2 cakes, had 2 pies and a chicken in the oven and bread she baked from scratch already on the table and was scurring around like a chicken with its head cut off.

She was doing it again. The cookies were barely out of the oven by the time she decided that she needed to make everyone spaghetti for dinner... but after that was on the stove she sent Lance on a grocery run, she wanted to make lasagna too... and when he got back he discovered she had just finished baking her 2nd pie and was putting another one in the oven.

Amanda: I relized your sister and her husband might like a pie too.. and then I decided that I could wrap this one up and send it to chris. It might not get all smushed right sweety? yeah thats what I thought. I know, I'll bring it to the homeless shelter.. thats what i'll do

Lance: you need to calm down... what is wrong?

Amanda: wrong? nothing is wrong.. I'm fine... here want some cookies?

Amanda dodged questions all night long. Jc didn't even give a second thought to the sudden cooking spree... Alex said "well there was alot of stuff in the fridge... you know how she likes to cook" trying to cover... Amanda just smiled and sat there like a posessed housewife zombie robot or something... after everyone was done eating she went on a cleaning spree and did all the dishes and while JC and Alex left to go watch Tv, she was sweeping and mopping.

Amanda sent Lance to deliver the pie to his dad, and Alex and Jc went to bed. When Lance got back, like an hour and a half later (Momma Bass kept insisting that he stay for some of his 'lovely little girl's pie' and then talked for a long time) he walked in on Amanda sitting next to the vaccum on the floor in the living room sewing a pair of his pants, with at least 4 other pairs spread out next to her and a sewing box.

Lance: *walking in* you are still up? what are you doing?

Amanda: Do you know how many pairs of your pants have holes in them? Lance, you should really take better care of these clothes

Lance: We get them for free.. half of these things I'll never wear again.. Amanda, come to bed.. c'mon...

He bent over and litterally had to pick her up and walk her to their room...

Lance: well..

Amanda: will you sleep here tonight please?

Lance: what? you want me to?

Amanda: very much so... I... please

Lance: *all happy* yeah sure!

Amanda laid awake for much too long worrying. It seemed to be taking Lance forever to come in there with her. What in the hell was he doing? She looked over and just stared at the bathroom door.. finally lance emerged and crawled in with her... so thats what he'd been doing. He smelled real damn good... and was all primped up in his little pj pants and beater.... with his arms holding her she whispered...

Amanda: Lance.. if I tell you something will you promise not to tell anyone?

Lance: yes, of course

Amanda: Justin and Alex slept together...

Lance: what?

Amanda: yeah, and while we were in Vegas... and thats about the time Alex got pregnant.. the baby might be his...

Lance: Amanda... is that what Justin said today?

Amanda: yeah

Lance: thats why you ran around like a cracked up Mrs. Brady?

Amanda: yeah.. oh lance... what am I going to do? I worked so hard to make this perfect little life for all of us.. and this.. it just changes everything

Lance: you aren't going to do anything..

Amanda: what?

Lance: its out of your hands Amanda.. you can't make everyone happy.. you can't solve all their problems for them.. it just doesn't work. look what its been doing to you just today.. in what? 8 hours? you've gone completly crazy.. you can't live like that.. don't worry about it okay?

Amanda: but..

Lance: you can't control it anymore Amanda...

On the other side of the giant house Alex and JC were sleeping.. actually JC was sleeping.. alex was awake going crazy too..

Alex: *thinking to herself* What the hell did I do this time? I'm knocked up, and I don't even know who the father is! It could be Justin or JC. The same day me and Justin did it.. I slept with JC too... god! What am I going to do? I'm going to have to tell him. Maybe I won't.. I mean I bet its his. and its not like Justin is here or anything and Amanda won't tell him.. so maybe it'll be okay...