Episode 22 ~ Cookie Dough

The next few weeks we incredibly peaceful. Nothing interesting happened.. everything was puppy's and ice cream fabulous... until' the day that Alex and JC were out shopping for.. a crib of all things, and Lance was chillin' in the "gym" doing pull ups.... ahaha.. (inside joke) and Amanda was baking cookies for her man.. and not break and bake either

*Phone Ringing*

Amanda: *answering* Hello?

Justin: hey girl, Amanda?

Amanda: yeah, hey there, how are you?

Justin: fine, what are you doin'?

Amanda: making cookies

Justin: ah see, bakin' fo' tha man eh?

Amanda: yeah pretty much.. so what have you been up to?

Justin: chillin' at mah mommy's.. i mean.. mothers house

Amanda: oh cute ness..

Justin: So where is Lance? What has Alex been up to.. I thought you guys lived together but when I talked to Chris he said you were livin with Lance

Amanda: Lance is doing pull ups right now... damn, we need a cordless telephono.. hehe.. and Alex is living here too actaully.. I couldn't leave her alone.. you know..

Justin: oh.. where is she?

Amanda:She's out shopping.. for a crib for the baby

Justin: the baby? Amanda are you knocked up?

Amanda: AHAHA.. sorry... AHAHA... no.. not me.. don't you know? Alex is pregnant?

Justin: what?

Amanda: yeah, shes pregnant.. like 4 months along too

Justin: So 4 months ago we were in...

Amanda: Las Vegas

Justin: oh my god.. *long silence* is it mine?

Amanda: what? what are you talking about Justin?

Justin: oh.. she didn't tell you...

Amanda: tell me what?

Justin: *long pause* Me and Alex... well.. we..uh... we...

Well there we go.. Amanda dropped the bowl with the cookie dough in it, breaking into a bunch of little glass chips on the floor. then made a weird screaming/yelp noise... the Lansten came running in hoping she was okay.... he just found a very confused and shocked Amanda standing there... holding the phone...

Lance: *all sweaty and hot.. ahaha* whats wrong? who are you talking to? *taking the phone* hello?

Justin: hello.. lance.. is she okay?

Lance: yeah, shes fine.. what did you tell her?

Justin: umm...

Just then the door opens and Alex walks in with JC holding her hand and comes into the kitchen to the crazyness... cookie crap and glass all over the floor.. and Amanda standing there like a weirdo zombie.. and Lance on the phone.. and JC and Alex just chillin' like everything is all good..

JC: whats wrong? what happened? who is that?

Lance: Justin

Alex: what happened? Amanda.. you look like you just heard some shocking news..

Amanda: *pointing at Alex and dragging her down the hall* you.. my room now

Alex: what the hell.. what happened?

Amanda: why don't you tell me eh?

Alex: what do you mean

Amanda: What the hell happened in Vegas?

Alex: what?

Amanda: how bout you just fill in the blanks.. I know number 1, you screwed justin 2, that was 4 months ago and 3 you are 4 months pregnant...

Alex: Amanda...

Amanda: don't 'Amanda' me.. what happened? why didn't you tell me? christ alex, this is kinda important don't you think?

Alex: there is no way... its JC's... My baby is Jc's..

Amanda: how do you know that? there is no guarentees... unless you and justin had a...

Alex: oh shit...

Amanda: ALEX! jesus... how could you... didn't it even occur to you... "hey, I might get knocked up from this"

Alex: no.. it was all so fast and I didn't really think about that.. I was only thinking about....

Amanda: yourself! thats just what you were doing! thats what you've been doing this whole time... don't you even relize what you've done? first of all you cheated on JC, and to make it worse, with one of his best friends.. and to add salt to the wounds, you get pregnant and then let me invite JC into Lance's home and make a happy little family for all of us when the baby might not even be his! You've screwed over JC, Justin, youself, your baby and me

Alex: you?

Amanda: how the hell am I supposed to keep this from lance huh? you think I'm gonna be able to pretend I don't know that this happened? Thats my freakin' fiancee Alex... we're gonna get MARRIED do you relize that? and do you even know... god, they are all gonna think that I knew all along.. so Lance and JC are going to be mad at ME and I didn't even do anything!

Alex: oh gawd.... what am I going to do?