Episode 21~ disobeying' Momma

Lance came back into the room with an odd look on his face and sat down next to Amanda who was yawning..

Amanda: who was that?

Lance: Momma

Amanda: did she say anything about me? does she like me? oh Lance, if she doesn't like me..

Lance: No she loves you.. its me "shes worried about"

Amanda: huh?

Lance: after 21 years, my Momma felt the need to give me the sex talk now... *laugh* I think shes about.. hmm.. 10 years late on that one

Amanda: oh my goodness... what did she say?

Lance: oh, nothing much.. no touching.. NONE and none of "that making out James... NONE!" she tried to have poppa talk to me, but he told me to go for it and that momma was full of it... and NO sleeping in the same bed..

Amanda: Your dad rules sweetie

Lance: yeah I know

Amanda: well speaking of sleeping... I'm going to bed.. Alex and Jc already went.. apparently the Doctor gave them the a-ok for the horizontal rumba so.. yay for them...

Lance: well... about doing that ourselves...

Amanda: about what? the horizontal rumba?

Lance: no! sleeping.. just sleeping..

Amanda: what? um.. okay.. what about it...

Lance: well...come with me.. I'll tuck you in... then I'm going to bed too

Amanda: its okay.... you never go to bed this early, plus you are gonna miss Walker Texas Ranger.. hehe

Lance: its okay.. i think its a rerun anyway.. plus you are way hotter than chuck norris anyways..

Amanda: um. okay..

So Amanda followed Lance around this huge ass house.. she didn't recongnize any of these hallways... maybe lance knew another way to her room..

Lance: here we are...

Amanda: no we aren't

Lance: *like a little kid getting caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar* what do you mean?

Amanda: this isn't my room...

Lance: *opening the door* nope.. its our room...

When Lance had disappeared he had single handedly moved everything out of Amanda's room into his.. and had changed the sheets and put on the clean silky ones... ahaha... and the big fluffy blanket... and Amanda's teddy bear sat in the middle of the bed

Amanda: *picking up the bear* what is blueberry doing in here? what the hell.. lance those are my shoes.. what? *opening closet doors* and my clothes.. are in here.... and.. what? Is that where you went earlier?

Lance: thats where I went...

Amanda: oh my gosh. everything is in here.. Lance! where am I going to sleep?

Lance: on our bed.. with me

Amanda: oh hell no

Lance: what? why?

Amanda: I am not having your mother chase me down with a butcher knife before we are even married.. no lance.. no.. *starts to leave*

Lance: Amanda.. c'mon, Momma isn't going to know unless we tell her.. and I sure the hell aren't.. are you?

Amanda: Lance.. I..

Lance: do you want to sleep in here with me?

Amanda:.. I.. Lance...your momma..

Lance: forget Momma...

Amanda: what did you just say?

Lance: You're the most important woman to me..

Amanda: what?

Lance: Momma will deal... I love her, but she'll have to understand I am your husband first and her son second..

Amanda: *passes out*

Lance: oh my god!

Lance runs over and picks Amanda up and tries to bring her to.. he lays her down on the bed, and while hovering over her runs his hands over her face while trying not to cry.. He's spazzing out.. hes thinking Hes killed her! He's given her a heart attack!

Lance: Amanda? wake up! please..

Amanda: ugghh.... *seeing her laying on the bed and him over her* Lance!

Lance: what?

Amanda: no! oh my god! *trying to get up*

Lance: no.. stay down.. you are gonna pass out again..

Amanda: what? no! Lance... *gets up and walks across the room like Lance is a freak*

Lance: where are you going? Amanda.. come here.. you just passed out.. what happened?

Amanda: you called yourself my husband.. and said that I came before your Momma.. I thought I'd always take a backseat to your Momma.. I can't believe you said that..

Lance: its true

Amanda: oh my god..

Lance: what? whats wrong? *grabs her holding her up..* don't pass out again..

Amanda: nothing... thats just so... weird.. I'm sorry..

Lance: Its okay.. not to be picky.. but are you going to sleep now becuase I really really wanna

Amanda: Lance.. I don't know

Lance: Its okay... she won't know...

Amanda: But...

Lance: shhhhh.. come here...

So Lance pulls a QT from 2gether wit the "shhh.. don't speak" shiznit.. and grabs Amandas hand and just leads her over to the bed and tells her.

Lance: It'll be okay.. its not like we are gonna do anything...

So Lance and Amanda get all "scandelous" and sleep in the same bed together.. they get all comfy and Lance has his arms all draped around Amanda.. and they are just about to start "with that making out buisness" when..

Momma Bass: *over intercom* James? Are you in your room? I'm coming up..

Amanda: oh my god.. I gotta leave...

Lance: oh my god.. no.. I'll leave... I'll tell her.. I dunno..

Lance opens the door and sees his momma...

Momma Bass: Is Amanda in there?

Lance: yes

Momma Bass: JAMES!

Lance: Alone Momma... I wasn't in there with her... I put her stuff in my room.. I insisted.. its not fair she gets a little room and I get this big huge thing.. so I'm sleeping in the other one.. the pink one.. hers... I just was in there checking on her.. shes already asleep.. shes so pretty when she sleeps momma

Momma Bass: James.... why are you in your pajamas?

Lance: becuase I tried to go to sleep but I got worried about her.. I couldn't remember if I turned the fireplace thing off.. I didn't wanna catch the room on fire becuase I'm forgetful.. now.. what are YOU doing here Momma?

Momma Bass: I came to make sure that you remember that you have church in the morning

Lance: momma.. I've been going to church every sunday for 21 years.. how could I forget?

Momma Bass: well you are forgetful..

Momma Bass left and Lance went back to Amanda's room... he decided to play it safe.. anyways.. The next day was interesting..

The 4 "roomies" went to church, and then Lance and Amanda went over to the Bass house where they discussed the wedding. They decided that they would set a season, but not a specific date because they weren't too sure... they wanted to get married next spring.. after Alex's baby was born and everything had settled down ya know... well then a strangely un eventfull dinner cooked by Amanda passed and then Lance and Amanda said goodbye to Momma and Poppa and Sissy Bass... and went to bed.. in seperate rooms...