Episode 20: Scandelous

Lance: nope... hate to say it but give amanda all the credit for that one.. she just called me up and told me that you and JC should move in with us... I just figured out a hour ago that you and JC aren't even back together...

Alex: yeah well..

Suddenly the door opens and JC comes walking in. Boy's gotten foine! He's way more buff, and is meatier.. like not skinny nappy twig boy... the crack makes him that skinny... alex can tell hes been clean. He looks calm and serene... not hyper active or crackhead like... she immediatly sees him and wants him to hold her.. wants to be his... but shes so confused... so... so... emotional

She burst out crying and running away... she still hasn't gotten used to this cracked out house with all its doors and rooms and such and she just opens one up and walks in... turns out its Amanda's and she wakes up immediatly..

Amanda: whats wrong?

Alex: hes here

Amanda: He's here? Who? Lance's dad? I know, Diane said he wanted to bring us a shot gun.. just in case.. or something.. don't be afraid... hes not gonna hurt us..

Alex: no! Jc! and Lance

Amanda: Lance is here? omg... *starting to run out the door* wait.. why are you crying?

Alex: I need him... I want him.. but he hurts me.. but... WE need him... me and... this little thing.. *pointing at her tummy*

Amanda: yes, you do... finally.. did you wake up from some meanness dream or something? jesus H. christ Alex.. you've been being a big bitch... and stubborn.. why do you thinkg I did all this? because you NEED him.. all three of you need each other...

Alex: yeah.. well... he knows I'm pregnant right?

Amanda: nope

Alex: what?

Amanda: I didn't tell him.. I didn't even tell Lance... thats all on you girl.. now c'mon... I'm gonna go see my man.. are you going to see yours?

Alex: no.. I think I'll chill in here for awhile..

Amanda: um.. okay.. come out anytime you are ready... he loves you... he does.. he needs you more than ever now, hes been so strong.. now its your turn

Amanda leaves and walks out into the living room to see her man standing around pacing across the floor holding a hella lotta pink roses

Lance: oh my gawd.. thats where you are! I didn't know if you stayed in your room or not, or where you were and if you were okay, or lost.. and Alex started crying and I started thinking that maybe something happened to...

Amanda: *grabbing him* shut the hell up..

So after having a spectacular reunion kiss, Amanda looked over to see a very good looking studly man sitting in one of the leather chairs...

Amanda: Josh?

JC: yeah.. hey sweety

Amanda: oh my gawd... look at you.. stand up.. holy carp.. mr. manly all the sudden.. you don't look sickly and anorexic! i'm so proud of you homeboy... c'mere

After hugging JC, and then Lance again.. and searching for a vase for her roses.. she noticed the ones JC had...

Amanda: are these for..

JC: alex.....

Amanda: ya know what? fuck that..

Storming off Amanda goes down some hall way and opens the door to her room.. she sees alex laying on the bed reading gone with the wind...

Alex: it was sitting here... how can you love this damn book so much? its hella long and...

Amanda: get out there

Alex: where?

Amanda: out there... get your man... he's your Ashley god damn it and you will not let some other bitch get him.. go get him

Alex: Ashley? what? what in the fuck are you talking about

Amanda: go out there and tell him... tell him you love him, tell him you are pregnant, tell him you want him, tell him you need him

Alex is highy confused by Amanda's little annology, but starts to get it while shes being dragged out of the room and into the living room where JC is, then Amanda grabs Lance and says "now give me the tour becuase I'm still confused"

JC: um.. hi?

Alex: hi

JC: Alex.. I... um...

Alex: JC, wait..

JC: no hold up. lemme tell you something first... look.. these are for you... *looks at roses* I love you so much, in this time we've been apart I've sat down and thought about my life and what I want and where I want to be in 10 years... every plan I can think of, every possible life outcome includes you... I love you with all my heart and I'm so sorry for what I've done to you. I know I've told you so many times before.. but I am clean this time. This time forever, and for good and I did it all for you.. I haven't done any drugs, drank or smoke or anything for the whole time we've been apart. I haven't even touched another girl, and I've talked to Amanda to check up on you every night.. I love you.. please.. please...

Alex: I'm pregnant
Jc: *drops the flowers on the floor.. they kinda break.. yes roses can break. I know* what? when did you find out?

Alex: last week, that's why I'm here... the minute Amanda got home from the doctor with me, I took a walk and she packed all my stuff..... I didn't really notice at first but then we're here and..

JC grabed her and pulled her towards him and held her... so tight... so tight she kinda couldn't breathe

Alex: um... josh.. i.. can't really.. breathe...

JC: oh god, I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry..

Alex: its okay...

They just stood there in the living room hugging for like 15 minutes... Amanda and Lance walked back into the kitchen that overlooks the living room and Amanda jumped up on the counter....

Amanda: look...

Lance: oh man.. you know how long I've heard about this from him? I'm so happy he got his wish, they got their happy ending...

Amanda: Its not over yet...

That day JC and Alex discussed what had gone wrong with them and why they broke up the first time.. and second... and the last time.. 15th... hehe... and they came to an agreement... they needed each other.. and they wanted to be together for a very long time.

That night Amanda decided to cook dinner for the four of them... to practice... tomarrow after church Amanda would be cooking for the Bass family. Not that many of them, just Momma, Poppa and Sister Bass. Her cooking skillz weren't actually that bad and they all had a peaceful night together. Amanda and JC did the dishes while Lance went off to who knows where and Alex chilled on the couch

JC: amanda, um... can I ask you something?

Amanda: sure, what is it?

JC: is it bad for the baby if you do it while she's pregnant?

Amanda: oh gawd..

JC: i know, I know... I'm just wondering... for future referance... we have like 9 months of this right?

Amanda: Actually like 6.. thats what the doctor said

JC: well, whatever.. can we?

Amanda: I don't know.. I think so... I saw a Jerry Springer with a pregnant prostitute so.. I guess.. here *handing him the phone* push number 6... its Lance's doctor.. Momma Bass gave me the big spiel on what every speed dial number does

JC: oh okay....

So Jc called the doc... Amanda finished the dishes and went out to watch TV with alex..

Alex: I found a room with a TV... go me huh?

Amanda: oh yeah..

Jc soon joined them, but Lance took awhile longer. Finally he emerged and came and sat down... they were just about to get cuddly when the phone rang.

Lance: I'll get it... *answering the phone* hello?

Momma Bass: James? sweetie is Momma

Lance: oh hi Momma.. thank you again for helping Amanda and Alex settle in here, what would I do without you Momma?

Momma Bass: oh no problem James, now about tomarrow, Amanda doesn't really have to cook, I can and then we can talk about the wedding...

Lance: oh Momma, she wants to... shes a fabulous cook Momma..

Momma Bass: oh I'm sure she is, I love her so much, shes so polite and kind, shes the perfect little girl for you James.

Lance: I know Momma, I love her so much

Momma Bass: Thats why I called James. Here, talk to your father..

Poppa Bass: Hello? Lance?

Lance: hi poppa, how are you?

Poppa Bass: fine how are you son? Well your Momma wants me to talk to you about, well making love..

Lance: Poppa... pleaase..

Poppa Bass: She wants me to get on the phone and tell you that it is innapropriate for you and that darling little girl to sleep in the same bed, or room... but you know what? your mother is full of shi...

Momma Bass: gosh darn it! James? sweetie you there? Don't listen to your father.. remember James... just becuase you are going to get married... that doesn't make you married... it is still a sin to sleep in the same bed with her... I know she is a sweet girl and wouldn't ever... but its you I'm worried about... those other boys.. don't think I don't know about the other 4 James... I think they've rubbed off on you too.. so remember... don't make her do ANYTHING.. anything James... just don't do anything that you wouldn't do infront of me, and her mother and... and the lord.. thats who you have to answer to James.. Jesus himself... he sees everything you know..EVERYTHING even..scandelous things

Lance: momma.. I know.. are we done momma?

Momma Bass: no touching James... none

Lance: momma...

Momma Bass: and none of that " making out" James...

Poppa Bass: *in background* GO FOR IT LANCE!

Momma Bass: you be quiet... don't listen to him James.. NONE

Lance: momma I know.... bye momma

Momma Bass: NONE!

Lance; bye momma..

Momma Bass: Bye sweetie.. wait.. put Amanda on the phone..

Lance: huh? you are cutting out.. bye momma.. *click*