Episode 2 ~ You and me baybe ain't nothin but mammals.....

Justin has moved in on Amanda and Lance's redevous to a resteraunt and now they are leavin the bus and about ready to...

Justin: let's jus take da benz... see mandy.. mah fly, red mercedaes M-class...

Lance: well we will be fine in the pickup... (lances fly ride... mississippi pickup truck! haha) but you can go in the benz... we'll, uh meet you there...

Justin: but lance, lance, lance... listen.. wouldn't you rather treat a foine lady like dat to a ride almost as butiful?? *smile, smile*

Lance: Justin I really don't appriciate you implying that the pickup isn't worthy...

Amanda: *grabbin' lances arm* sweety, its fine.. justin we'd be happy to ride in your car this afternoon

Justin: mandy my dear... PLLLEASE call me justy... or bounce... i'm AMAZING at basketball you know

Amanda: umm...

Lance: justin..

Justin: *opening the door for Amanda* princess..... *turning on tha benz's fly sound system* alright.. a phat song.... "you and me baybe ain't nothin but mammals..." *looking all seductivly at Amanda*

Lance: Justin... stop it!

Justin: sky down dere poofoo... its all good right mandy?

Amanda: uh, sure Justin... i mean *justy*

Justin: dere' ya go babe!


After tears... some bitch slaps from Alex... some more crying by JC... then some makin' out.. Joey is now forced to listen to the makeup lovin'

*Joey to himself... as usual* Why does she fall for this? Every time its the same! Wasn't she just kissing me in the back of the bus? now shes back there with... him. I HATE him!!!!! he gets all the solos... he gets all the women.. he gets her! WHY! what has his punk ass ever done to deserve a woman like that? Well youbetter enjoy the sex now JC..... soon enough joshua... soon enough... you'll wish you never were born... I'll make her wish come true.. I'll make you disappear... FOREVER!

Episode 3

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