Episode 18 ~ Temptations

So the Nsyncers and Amanda and Alex went out in full force to terrorize the fine city of O town... well the night started off good enough, they ate dinner.. then they went to a club thats in the hotel. Lonnie got em' in wit no problems and was supposed to monitor the boys' booze intake... uh oh... lonnie got just a smigin smashed and you could hear his voice booming "mass margaritas!!!"..

Joey: *smashed* heeeyyy Amanda..

Amanda: *not smashed* hey joey... are you... joey are you drunk?

Joey: c'mon baaaayyba... jojo neva gets drunk... ahahaha...

Amanda: Joey, you need to go back up to the room...

Joey: c'mon manda... i'm not laaaance... i can hold mah liii.... *almost falls down*

Amanda: *thinking* I should walk him to his room and make him lie down then come back...wait... i saw this cops once where a drunk guy choked on his own barf cuz' he was drunk and was laying down.. dammit...

Lance: *grabbing at Amanda* HEY BABY!

Amanda: what? Lance? You've been drinking too huh?

Lance: All I had was this little itty bitty glass cup thing that juuuuu....juss...justin gave me... he said it was to conglomerate us getting divorced.

Amanda: what?

Lance: married

Amanda: conglomerate?... nevermind.. c'mon.. all of us are going back to the rooms...

Joey: you're coming with me to my room?

Amanda: yeah, I'll take lance up first and then you okay? stay RIGHT here Joey.. i'll be back to go upstairs with you

Joey: *thinking with smashed/horny italian logic* amanda is going upstairs with me? wow.. rock on.. i didn't know she'd been doing lance.. maybe she hasn't been... does that mean i'm her first? no... look at her.. no... but don't i like alex? no.. i bet she slept with justin.. yeah..she did.. they disappeared.. yeah... amanda is hot... yeah.. hot...

*In the elevator*

Lance: maaaaannnn... manda.

Amanda: yeah i know sweetie.. thats my name *fake smile*

Lance: know what?

Amanda: what?

Lance: i...luuuuuvv... U!

Amanda: I know sweetie... i know...

Amanda tucks her little lightweight drinker into bed.. not too worried about him. He isn't gonna puke and die from one shot glass. But she knows joey... she knows hes a drinker... he doesn't get drunk easy.. once she watched him and steve have a drinking contest... stever made it through about a six pack before he was out.. but joey.. joey drank a six pack.. 4 wine coolers and 3 margaritas and he was just drunk.. but joey is about to pass out drunk. Shes always liked to mother people.. baby them.. take care of things.. especially guys.. she gets a really motherly and housewife like happiness out of it... shes gonna make an awesome mississippi woman right?

Joey: heeeyyy.....

Amanda: hey, c'mon.. you ready?

Joey: are UUU ready? have you done this before?

Amanda: what? *confused little amanda... she thinks he means been to his room before.. like if she knows where it is..* me? yeah.. duh...

Joey: oh i figured you and lance never...

Amanda: we just did.. thats why you waited... I can't take you both at the same time

Joey: yeah you could...

Amanda: the two of you? you're big boys.. i can't walk your tumbly selves upstairs at the same time...

Joey: huh? oh well....

So they get all the way up to the room and joey has been gettting subtly handsy the whole time... amanda didnt really notice though... it just seemed like a fumbly drunk trying to walk.. Amanda gets the door open gets joey in there...

Amanda: lay down

Joey: huh? now?

Amanda: here.. *pulling the blanket away* lie down and i'm gonna go in the bathroom and get you some stuff

Joey: ohhhh... stuuufff... good idea! i don't need another support check

Amanda: *confused* um, okay...

Amanda went in the bathroom and got a cup of water, a garbage can and some towels with warm water on them... when she came back out of the room joey was already under the covers

Amanda: oh good.. *handing him the towel*

Joey: yeeeaahhh...

Amanda: um.. I'm gonna order you some toast.. for later... after you.. yeah

Joey: toast? I usually eat a twinkie

amanda: after you barf?

Joey: is that what they call it in washington?

Amanda: yeah

Joey: oh.. anyways

Amanda orders room service toast and then goes back into the bathroom to grab some just dry towels for the floor.. if he heaves on the carpet, she IS NOT cleaning it up.. shes not that much into being a housewife. she also turned the lights down... bright lights+hangover = bad idea

Joey: what are you doing?

Amanda: putting towels on the floor

Joey: why?

Amanda: becuase I don't feel like cleaning the carpet if you... spill... yeah.. on it

Joey: huh? are we doing it on the floor?

Amanda: *deaf amanda* huh?

Joey: nevermind...

Amanda: okay..

*leaning over joey to feel his face.. she read in this medical book that when people are about to pass out they look pale and feel cold. well joey's bright colored hair was screwing with her already poor eye sight and its dark enough..*

Joey: finally...

Joey reaches up and kisses her while pulling her 'down on him'

Amanda: *smack* What in the *censored* are you doing?

Joey: I'm kissing you.. *kiss, kiss, kiss*

Amanda: *smack* Joey...

Joey: yes baybe.. *kiss, kiss, kiss*

Amanda: *finally getting away from joey's drunken grasp* what are you doing? I.. ugghh!

Joey: *getting up holding the sheet and grabbing amanda* Amanda...

Amanda: get away from me! *smacks arm away and backs away*

Joey: Wait! *drops sheet*

So there they are... a tramatized Amanda, a butt nekkid Jojo..

Amanda: holy...... *turns around*

Joey: Amanda... *scrambling to bed and putting on pants.. thank god* wait

Amanda: why should I stay? ughh.

Joey: what are you doing here then?

Amanda: trying to make sure you didn't die! i saw on cops this drunk guy choked on his own puke and...

Joey: so you were'nt up here to.. ya know?

Amanda: NO! I.. I.... I love Lance... I do..

Joey: amanda

Amanda: what?

Joey: *coming closer* you don't do you

Amanda: yes I do!

Joey: you liked that didn't you?

Amanda: NO! I.. I... uh..

Joey: *trying to hold her* you liked that didn't you... why don't you just let yourself go for once.. do what you want.. what you need... let me kiss you.. and you'll see you liked it alot more than you think... *moving in for the kill*

Joey's lips met hers again, much more sweet and gently... but he didn't have time to enjoy it.. she lifted her knee and securly *thrust* it into his nads

Amanda ran from the room now crying.. and smacked right into Alex... she told alex the whole story..

Alex: so you saw him.. nekkid?

Amanda: yeah..

Alex: I know this isn't the time.. but.. was it big..

Amanda: yeah..

Alex: I knew it!

Amanda: ALEX!

Alex: oh yeah.. sorry... So whats the matter?

Amanda: I feel so bad, like I cheated on Lance or something

Alex: you didn't cheat on him... Joey kissed YOU remember, you didn't kiss him back did you?

Amanda: no

Alex: then there is nothing to worry about

Amanda: but how do I tell Lance?

Alex: you don't.. you know how weird he gets.. he'll send Joey to the hospital too

Amanda: but we are being completly honest with each other

Alex: fine, tell him... but tell him not to fight over it.. its not really that much worth it ya know?

Amanda: yeah...

Alex: well go tell him, and call me if you need some back up.. I'm goin' to bed, I'm tired yo.. peace out

Amanda: yeah, bye

*in lance's room*
Lance: that stupid little fuc... I mean.. uggh!

Amanda: please don't be mad, he was drunk, I'm sure he doesn't know what went on. I doubt he'll even remember in the morning you know? It didn't mean ANYTHING lance.. nothing at all

Lance: I know... c'mere...

So Lance was suprisingly calmed by Amanda's assurance that Joey was just incoherant and didn't know what was going on. He still wanted to smack Joey around but he knew from everything that had happened what was most important was that he had a peaceful last night alone with Amanda.
Since they wouldn't be seeing each other for months, Lance decided to try something and see if Amanda would care. She was sitting on the bed watching TV and informed him she was going to bed.. she went to go brush her teeth but when she came back, the two single beds were pushed together and Lance had made it a point to get all cuddly with her in the middle of the bed all night long. He felt guilty, it wasn't right for them to sleep in the same bed, but he was sure Momma Bass would understand. In a few months after the tour was over Amanda was going to go live with him, in Mississippi before the wedding. This was okay with Momma Bass, but as far as she knew, they would have two beds, just like her and Daddy Bass (*non story note*didjaknow Lance's dad never gets heard from? whats that about?) But Lance was a rebel...