Episode 16 ~ Where'd they go?

Lance: where did they go?

Amanda: i have no idea.... maybe they got sick of watching the "lance and amanda" show... hehe

Well as soon as the happy little couple came up for air, they suddenly relized that Ju and Alex were missing and so was everyone else.

Lance: princess, what time is it?

Amanda: 'round 12:30 in the morning

Lance: I wonder where they are? Should we be worried?

Amanda: nah, Alex is a big girl... she can take care of herself

So Amanda and Lance just sat there watching tv, and eventually fell asleep on the couch. When Lance woke up around 3, and noticed that alex and justin were still missing, he thought of waking amanda up. But he figured she was right, alex was grown, and could take care of herself so he picked amanda up and carried her over to the bed, covered her up and went back to sleep on the couch.

Around 9:30, Amanda woke up on the bed to the smell of something burning.. as she stubled out of the bedroom and into the kitchen area she saw lance struggling to make pancakes, bisquick everywhere, and some very black pancakes on a plate...

Amanda: you know lance.. we're gonna have to work on this pancake making....

Lance: I tried... darlin' I cannot make pancakes

Amanda: I suggest you learn, I won't marry a man who can't make damn good pancakes...

Lance: um speaking of that...

Amanda: pancakes?

Lance: no, the marrying thing.

Amanda: uh, lance...

Lance: no, lemme talk for a second okay?

Amanda: but lance..

Lance: you know how much I love you and....

Amanda: lance!

Lance: what?

Amanda: those pancakes are on fire!

Lance: oh my goodness!

after putting out the mini-blaze.... lance tried to get back to what he was saying to her. But they were giggling, and he decided to put it off till' tonite. So they cleaned the mess, and ordered some room service pancakes instead.
Around 12, Alex and Justin resurfaced, walking in a few minutes apart from each other

Lance: where the hell were you?

Justin: I was at a club... I dunno where she was

Alex: In the other hotel room.. all alone.. where's Amanda?

Lance: In the bathroom sorting through all the hair care products

Alex: oh ok..

*in the bathroom*

Amanda: hey! where the hell were you? oh well... hey is this hair spray yours?

Alex: nope

Amanda: okay, it goes with the 'justin' bag then *putting it in a huge full trash bag* That boy has WAY too much hair stuff... you think hes gay?

Alex: what?

amanda: well he is a little... pretty.. maybe he's gay

Alex: he's SO not gay.. I KNOW he isn't gay

Amanda: and how would you know? *giggle*

Alex: well actually.. I don't.. but YOU do.. am I wrong or were you the one that was making out with him not too long ago...

Amanda: oh yeah huh... you're right...

Amanda continues her little sorting while everyone else just sits around. When Amanda emerges to a completly silent room.. she is very confused.. not for long..

Chris: *walking in the door* then he says, "thats what I thought"

Chris and Joey: AHAHAHA

Amanda: my gosh, glad to see someone is so happy today....

Chris: hey manda, *sitting down next to alex* hey little girl... you're not gonna lob any electronics at my head are you?

Alex: depends if you are good or not...

So everyone gets very restless in the hotel room, and decide its time to go out... so after eating lunch at some random burger place... the 6 of them head back up to the room, and get ready to go clubbin in there last night in vegas... Amanda seems to be the only one worried, and pulls Justin and Lance aside.

Amanda: has anyone heard from JC?

Justin: I'd be thinkin' dat you'd be the last one lookin' fo the scrub who played ya best friend

Amanda: he might screw up sometimes... okay alot, but I know Alex really cares about him...

Lance: I haven't seen him since last night either.. but I bet hes fine.

Amanda: Justin, you distract Alex, I'm gonna call him

Justin: well thats great manda, but how ya gonna do dat when his cell is layin' in hella pieces on tha floor?

Amanda: good point... I'll call the other one.... the one the Johnny gave you guys and you make JC carry it around because Joey will break it...

Lance: good plan...

Amanda, being the sneaky ghetto bitch that she is manages to get away

Amanda: c'mon JC, please be okay...

JC: *slurring* hello? alex?

Amanda: no sweety, its amanda, are you okay?

Jc: hey... yeah I'm fine..

Amanda: where are you?

JC: circus, circus parking lot.. I spent the night here

Amanda: holy... Josh come back here to the hotel and go to the room you got with Alex... we're leaving anyway.. I can't talk right now okay? but just stay here till' we get back alright?

JC: okay...

So while they leave, JC gets off his street corner, and walks to their hotel... but everyone else walks to the nearest club. Amanda spends to whole night trying to figure out why lance is acting so strange... Joey and Chris get their groove on with hundreds of random girls..... finally around midnight, they decide to head back to the hotel and order dinner.. then maybe go out again.

They all get back to the room and ponder what to get.. lance is still acting like a spaz... and Joey is making the rough decision: steak or hamburgers? Chris is trying to hook the playstation up to the big screen, and Justin and Alex are well... lets just say they are sitting on opposite ends of the room quietly and Amanda is just happy to be out of her damn big shoes

Joey: okay.. I'll get a steak and I'll get the hamburgers thing and share.. who wants to share a burger platter with me?

Amanda: lance you wanna share some chicken or pasta or something... I'm not very hungry

Lance: uh what? huh? oh sure.. um okay..

Alex: I want ice cream

Justin: I want some brownies.. do they sell that here?

Alex: why wouldn't they? they sell like squid and snails and stuff

Chris: first off: gag me... second: will someone help me with this damn playstation?

After Joey was ready to puke eating all that food, and Lance was officially scaring Amanda.. he asked her to come into the TV room with him.....

Amanda: what in the hell is your problem? you've been being sufficently freaky all night...

Lance: um, Amanda... okay I'm just gonna ask you... about the marrying thing

Amanda: if this is about the pancakes, I was joking... hell at least you....

Lance: no.. okay. um... here I go.....

*getting on one knee*

Amanda: what are you doing?

*taking a jeweler box out*

Amanda: no really... what are you doing?

Lance: Amanda, will you marry me?

Wanna know what happens? You're gonna have to wait until Soap Opera Week later this Month!