Episode 15 ~ Cheatin' * written by Alex

Justin grabbed Alex's arm before she could light the match, and she flimsly
(because she's had 6 margarita's, may I remind you) dropped the matches to
the ground and fell into justin, crying, realizing what she was doing.

Alex: *sobbing* JC is a bastard. I hate him. I wish I never met him!
Justin: nah, shh.. shh... don't speak like dat. you know you still love
him. and hey, if you never met him, 'N Sync's life would be empty and
boring without you! specailly Lance's... he loves Amanda... you hooked dem
up, remember?...

He trails off thinking to himself.
Justin: *thinking* Why do I have to have the underage girls? and Britney?
why me? ... I guess I just brought myself into this buisness... and I'll
have to do the best I can... I hate seeing Lance and JC and Chris get all
the luck, getting the best girls. well at least joey gets to pimp around...
but I can't believe JC is treating her like this! he doesn't know what he's
got! ... I should just stop feeling sorry for myself... at least I have
Fame and fortune... I'll find my true love sooner or later...

without realizing it, Justin noticed Alex looked a little sick...

Alex: ...oh GOD-

right then, she threw up on the floor, but also got a smudgin on Justin's
shirt, and her shirt too. She just stood there feeling really bad, holding
her stomach... a little embarassed, too. It was silent for a moment, and
Alex was too ashamed to look up. then she heard him laughing a little.

Justin: aw, it's ok, baby. just get it out, you'll feel better...

he walked her over to the toilet, and started rubbing her back. she finally
looked up at him, feeling a little stupid.

Alex: sorry...
Justin: it's all good, baby.

he got up and grabbed the back of his shirt, and pulled it over his head,
and took it off to wash. Alex couldn't help but stare. Damn, he's fine. he
lent out a hand for alex to grab onto to steady herself up. he helped her
walk out to the bedroom area, and set her down on the end of the bed.

Justin: uh, not to be like a perv or anything, but... do you want me to
help clean you up?

Alex could only meekly nod. she felt so bad. drinking, mixed emotions, ...
BARFING on her and Justin... Justin left to the bathroom to get a warm
washcloth. when he left, Alex began thinking to herself.

Alex: *thinking* god, he's so nice. why DOES he get all the teenybops and
... slut-Spears? it's not fair for him! I know I've been commited to JC,
...but JC hurts me with his addcitions. Jusitn is sweet, and he would never
hurt my feelings. ... oh no, Alex, don't even. I know you're drunk and
tired, and you don't know what you're talking about... but... he deserves
at least SOMEONE that would treat him right...

Justin came back into the room, and threw his shirt into the washer. he
walked over to alex and sat down next to her. He put the warm washcloth
against her face.

Justin: does that feel better?

Alex nodded. he clean up her face, and threw the washcloth in the washer.

Alex: *thinking* oh he's so gentle
... it's relaxing... he should be a

Alex came in and out of dilousiment, but let justin do whatever.
he looked and hesitated for a moment, but then shyly and slowly started to
unbutton her shirt, and slip it off her shoulders. Alex was too drunk to
know what he was doing, but didn't care. Justin took her shirt, and threw
it into the washer. he got up, and got one of her shirts from the closet,
and then put it back on her. then he got one of JC's shirts, and put it on.
he walked back over to alex, and layed her down. he took off her shoes, and
went to the side of the bed to filp off the covers. he went back over to
alex, and picked her up and carried her to the other side. he set her down
gently, and then pulled the covers back over her. she was already half
asleep when he turned off the bed light. he sighed and went to go lay on
the couch. he started thinking again.

Justin: *thinking* ... Alex is such a great girl, why must JC be like that?
I mean, I am his best friend, but I know how to treat a lady, and he's not
doing it right. ... I mean if I had the chance to show Alex the way it's
suppose to be... ...

he glanced over at alex heavly breathing, which meant she was starting to
feel better from the Tequilas and Margaritas. He had a deep regret about
wanted to take advantage of her while she was drunk, but that was only a
thought. he'd wait until she was sober, so she knew what she was doing, and
she could remember it was Justin, to see how it COULD be.


Alex awoke to hear the sound of the TV on. she glanced quickly at the
clock. it was 3:18 AM... she sat up, and saw Justin sitting lazily on the
couch, with the remote in his hand. she reached over, and switched on a
lamp. she squinted at him.

Justin: *suprised* oh! I'm so sorry! did I wake you? is it too loud? I'll
turn it down...
Alex: *rubbing her eyes* no, no, it's ok... I was just naturally waking
up... *lie*
Justin: ...it's 3:20 in the morning.
Alex: yeah, why are you up?
Justin: *turning back to the TV* I couldn't get to sleep...

Alex sat there looking around for awhile, adjusting to the little hangover
she had. she looked at herself, and realized she was wearing a different
shirt. ...and Justin was wearing JC's shirt... then it came back to her. a
little hazy, but she recalls Justin helping her through it all...

Alex: ...thanks. *smile*

He realized what she was referring too, and casually shrugged his

Justin: it's nothing. I'm always here for ya.

he finally looked over at her, and saw she was wearely smiling. she was
still tired, but better. she tossed the sheets off her, and went into the
bathroom. He heard the water being turned on. she took a shower, and that
fully refreshed her. it hit the spot. she grabbed a towel, and realized her
clothes were in the closet. she walked out there, and looked through her
stuff. Justin looked puzzeled.

Justin: what are you doing?
Alex: I'm getting dressed.
Justin: Why'd you take a shower? it's 3 in the morning!
Alex: well, I felt better once I took it, and besides, it's 3 in the
morning- why are you watching TV?
Justin:... well if they have stuff on TV at 3, then I guess it's meant to
be watched at 3!
Alex: well if they have water running at 3, then I guess I can use it at 3!
Justin: touché.
Alex: *walks over to TV* besides! you're watching an infomercial!
c'mon, now. something must be bothering you if you're up at 3:40 in the
morning, watching something that slices, dices and is priceless for $19.99?
Justin: *pathetically sighs*
Alex: *feels a little bad for justin* I'll be right back.

she grabbed some clothes, and went back into the bathroom. she put on a
button-up dragon silk shirt, with a long black skirt, with slits on the
side. it's just what she grabbed. not what she planned. she then brushed
her teeth, (cuz she hates not having her teeth brushed) and then put her
hair up in a sloppy bun, and went back out there. right when she opened the
door, Justin was standing right there in the doorway, blocking her path. he
looked all sesky and seductive, for some reason.

Alex: *a little taken off gaurd* uh, so justin, what is it you wanted to
talk about?
Justin: I never wanted to talk.
Alex: ...then... what do you want?
Justin: ...you.

He then grabbed alex around the waist quickly, and pressed her against him.
he kissed her long and hard. then pulled away, to see her reaction. ...he
couldn't take it anymore. he had feelings for alex, and he wanted her to
know. screw JC. (and screw Justin instead!)

Alex: *too shocked and astounded for words*
Justin: *smiling* you like?
Alex: *can only nod*

Justin then threw alex on the bed, and jumped. whoa there. they slipped
under the covers... and what happens under there, is their buisness.