Episode 13 ~god bless Lonnie

Mary Sue Jane: who in the flyin' fuck are you....

Amanda: your worst nightmare bitch... get your hands off him, or I'll take them off him

Mary Sue Jane: who in the hell are you to come bursting in here on MAH weddin' day, objectin... you can't do this... we don't even know you do we lancey

Lance:... uh.....

Mary Sue Jane: DO WE LANCEY????

Elvis: listen to that hot chick.... dump this bitch

Mary Sue Jane: how did you find out we were here? who are you? ya know what? FUCK YOU! move it bitch, this is my wedding day *steppin' up at Amanda like she wants to git it on....*

Lonnie: *all deep voiced and scary* first of all hoe, I called her... and second of all, if ya wanna step, I could just let 'A' beat yo ass, but I'd much rather personally escort you outside mahself, trick...

Mary Sue Jane:*to lance* are you gonna let them talk to me like this....

Lance has had a few minutes to let this all sink in... that wasn't Amanda, he had just wished it so many times that he began to think it was true... the real Amanda is here, and she cares for me enough to stop me from doing this

Mary Sue Jane: FUCK YOU!!! YA PSYCHO BITCH! *lunges at Amanda, knockin' her down, actin' like shes gonna hog tie her or something

Lance grabs Mary Sue Jane, throws her off Amanda, picks Amanda up and looks at her...ya know. 'the look'

Lance: Amanda, oh... I never meant to...

Amanda: I know, I know......


Amanda: excuse me a second lance....

So Amanda charges Mary Sue Jane, and tackles her like JC did to Joey... he taught her that after lonnie called her and told her what was gonna happen, Mary Sue Jane hits the floor, and Maryloo Sue Jane helps her up as she hobbles out the door


But Amanda and Lance honestly aren't listening... they are staring at each other. the chapel door closes and Elvis' voice breaks the silence

Elvis: bout' time boy.. thought you'd be stuck wit dat bitch forever!

Elvis was right....but not even he could break the silence.... the chapel was in a hotel... and lance had already gotten a 900$ a night honeymoon suite...so Lonnie suggested that he could go out to the car and carry Amanda's stuff up there so Lance and Amanda could go and have some time to 'talk'... alone
So lonnie forced..uh.. i mean "escorted" then upstairs and told them not to worry about anything... he would call Alex and tell her everything that went on and not to worry about them.... and that they should "re-bond"
At first they kinda just walked in...and sat around quietly...until'

Lance: I love you so much, and I've missed you so much, I just pretended she was you so many times... i guess I just started believing it.. i don't love her.. never loved her.. we didn't do anything.. other than kiss.. just so you know... but... I'm just SO sorry.. Amanda please *moving towards her on a pretty little black leather couch*

Amanda: lance...

They just stared at each other again for a few minutes.. finally he moves silently closer, and he kissed her. It was if it was their first kiss together all over again... they had both missed each other so much.