Episode 12 ~ "I do"

Elvis/minister: okay, do we have a witness?

lonnie: wasssup elvis?

Elvis: nothin' much G? you?

Mary Sue Jane: can we get this show on the road puleaze?

Elvis: hold yo horses little lady, you'll be married soon enough

Mary Sue Jane: well hurry it up elvis

Elvis: thats "the king" to you woman

Mary Sue Jane: whatever

Elvis: we are gathered here today to witness the holy matromony of James Lance Bass and Mary Sue Jane Blackberrysky Pigglett.....ahaha thats your name?

Mary Sue Jane: yeah, yeah, get on with it elvis, before I have to kick you in your "royal" ass

Elvis: damn... this is a pushy bitch here.... ya sure u wanna marry her? anycrap...

Mary Sue Jane: well ya know what? fuc...

Maryloo Sue Jane: Mary Sue Jane Blackberrysky Pigglett, don't speak that way to a servant of the lord!

Mary Sue Jane: whatever... GET ON WITH IT

This whole time Lance is just staring off in space

Elvis: OKAY! do you Mary Sue Jane Blackberrysky Pigglett take this man...

Mary Sue Jane: blah, blah, blah... I DO!

Elvis: do you, James Lance Bass take this bitch.. uh I mean woman....

Mary Sue Jane: whatever.... you do right lancey?

Lance: I do (he didn't hear her name remember? hehe)

Elvis: well, if there is anyone here who wishes to state a reason why these two should not be married, speak now or

Mary Sue Jane: forget that! get it over with no one will object to us gettin......

Amanda: *running in the door* LANCE DON'T DO IT!