Episode 1: Meet da peeps yo...

part 1: Mah benz
(know how in down to you (down on you right alex?)freddie prinze jr. talks to himself?... well its the same deal)
Justin: mah benz.. mah benz its a wondafu ting knowwhatimsayin? today ahm gonna pick me up some fly hunnies... one fly sista i've got mah eye on is amanda.. only problem is dis... shes lances bitch....... but i ain't gonna let dat stop me yo! yaknowwhatimsayin? shes FLY! F-L-I... nevamind how ya spell dat.


Amanda and Lance are hapily sitting in the bus... watching tv in each others arms when justy comes in and breaks up da party yo! hehe

Justin: yello? dis dere' any hoes up in her?

Amanda: hi justin

Lance: oh hi, do you hafta to talk like that.. you're so vulgar justin


Lance talking to himself

Lance: well i don't like it... not at all.. i don't want his ghetto baby blue ass near my girlfriend. Alot of women think his ebonics are cute but amanda is too smart for that. But i see the way he looks at her... i know and he knows... i just hope she knows....

In the bus again
Amanda: so whatcha been up to today justin?

Justin: *sitting down in between lance and amanda.... putting his arm around her* mandy, i've told ya and told ya... call me justy... or curly.. see my soft curly hair...

Lance: well weren't we about to leave anyways?

Amanda: yeah, actually we were going to get some lunch

Justin: well... okay fine... its okay to leave me here all.... alone *sniffle*

Amanda: justin would you like to come?

Justin: sure!
Lance pulls amanda aside
Lance: what was that about?

Amanda: what?

Lance: inviting justin to lunch with us

Amanda: I feel bad for him lance, hes a nice guy and you shouldn't be so rude to him sweety!

Lance talking to himself again
Lance: If only I had been more rude... if only i had protected her... watched him at all times..... just made sure she didn't listen to his bullshit.... maybe amanda... wouldnt be......

* * * * * * *************************************************************
JC: We'd like to check in please

Jc and alex are at the Cloud 6 (sorry, i can't think of a name of a hotel...) and they are checking in for an afternoon, night, day... of nsync lovin.. yeah..

JC: *tapping on desk* yeah... um my name is Thuga Peal.... yep.. Thuga Peal

hotel guy: okay here is your room key Mr. Peal

Jc: Yeah thanks bud... c'mon al.. I mean Crackina.. yeah Crackina

Alex: k bay-be

Hotel guy: what two weird ass people.. oh well

Alex: Crackina? where the hell did that come from JC?

JC: sorry, I couldn't think of a name other that crackina.. i mean Caffiena.. whatever..

Alex: its okay baybe... c'mon.. *giggle*
SO alex and Jc, I mean Thuga Peal and Crackina escape for a night of "2gether" time (I LOVE 2gether... ahm taping it in mah room right now!)when his Cell phone rings
Alex: dammit.. why the hell didn't you turn that thing off?

Jc: because it might be jerome... i mean justin... I gotta take this baby

Alex: no.. you don't

Jc: yessss.... i dooo

Alex: whatever Jc I'm sick of your shit... I'm leaving

Jc: NO! Alex come back!

Alex: than tell who ever it is to go away!

Jc: oh baybe its jerome!

Alex: dammit JC I'm sick of this shit! why do you do this to me? get bent

JC: *answering the phone* jerome... i'm here

Alex: *grabbing her purse and fixing her shirt* hope jerome will do you JC, i'm out
Alex leaves as JC talks to jerome on the phone... Alex is upset but she jumps into the benz JC bought her and drives away... while driving she recalls all of the good times.
I remember our first date... he was so sweet.... he bought me flowers and everything....
Jc: hi... i um... brought you some flowers...
Alex: oh you're so sweet! thanks
JC: yeah so um.. lets go...

He was so shy too.. he kept saying um... If it wasn't for that damn Jerome... he has always drove a wedge between us.. ALWAYS.... Jc told me he would stop with the crack but he never has.....

Alex: this is it... I'm leaving
JC: NO alex, I'll stop i promise
Alex: you promise?
JC: I sware on my life

But he didn't stop.. he kept on doing the drugs and hanging out with street people and "thugs" like jerome....

Alex: where the hell have you been?
Jc: *drunk and staggering* no where bay-be
Alex: you've been with jerome again haven't you?
JC: no... baybe
Alex: dammit JC! you bastard

Jc: don't talk to me like that! I'm a thug dammit.... *Jc passes out on the bed*

Damn him! I'm done! This time I mean it!.....
So then alex kept on driving towards the venue where amanda would be with Lance.... when she got to the bus she burst through the door
No answer

Alex: Amanda? Lance?
Then Joey emerges from one of the bunks

Joey: Alex, whats wrong?

Alex: JC being born, thats whats wrong! I just wish he'd disappear forever!
*don't email me and get pissed... I'm fully aware I jacked some of the following stuff from the Destiny's Child song, Confessions.... but its all good, i'm changing what this says becuase of a recent happening in the life of amanda... i now hate destiny's child... for a temporary frame in time.. i'll be back.. hehe*

Alex: this is the last time he will piss me off joey I sware

joey: lets talk about it come to the back with me...

Alex: *wiping her tears* okay

*they have been talking but standing around*

Joey: I'll look out for you if you need a friend

Alex: thanks
*they sit down on the couch and joey puts his arms around her waist and kisses her.. yeah so there ya go... Joey and Alex were kissing until they heard the door open*

Jc: Alex? Baby are you here?

Joey: oh no...

Alex: *walking from back* Um, yeah I'm here what do you want?
~JC Talking to himself~
I know, I've done her wrong time and time again... I know.. respect EVERYONE... but what can I say? I miss her this time.. every other time shes walked out I've not really cared but... well.... I really love her.. alot

Jc: wait! don't yell or leave there is something i need to tell you

Alex: what is it now?

Jc: I love you

Alex: jc, what the hell?

JC: no, I REALLY LOVE YOU! not the cheap ass love that I've been giving you for months, I love you like.... more than anything... I'd DO ANYTHING for you

Alex: anything?

JC: anything!

Alex: NEVER talk to jerome again, and be clean forever

Jc: alex...

Alex: you said anything... do you mean it?

Jc: yes, I do.. I will stay away from jerome and all the boyz... no more crack I sware this time

Alex: this better not be like all the times you've "sworn" before Joshua

JC: no, I mean it this time I sware
~Joey talking to himself in his bunk~
I'm joey dammit! Jc has been treating Alex like crap for almost a year now.. why does he always do this to her? I know about women.. how to treat a woman like Alex... a good woman. Why does he play her? I can treat her a million times better than JC can.... If only he hadn't come in... she would've seen what kind of guy I really am... not the whore everyone acts like I am.. yeah so I get around.. whats your point? that doesn't mean I can't love just as good as JC can! *sobbing like a little girl*

On to Episode 2!

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