Custody Agreement

Yeah, it is THAT damn confusing....

So Kiddies, another day in Amanda and Alex-land... It's easter and Amanda and her cousins have a discussion... Why does Alex get JC AND Justy?

Look they are fighting over US!!!!

It all started out so simple... we're gonna go back... WAY back...

mid- 1990s ~ Little Amanda sits home infront of her television set, watching her 2 favorite shows: Saved By the Bell and The "New" Mickey Mouse club... she finds herself having a crush not only on the hottie who plays "wipeout" but another blonde haired cutie who talks southern (btw, this very well could be the root of my southern accent fetish)

1997 ~ Amanda is in her 6th grade portable classroom. Once again, her and her big group of ghetto friends have managed to sneak in the room, unsupervided... during recess. That day her home girl Kari brings in a single she just bought by a un-popular group called 'Nsync for I want you back. On the cover, Amanda sees two boys inpreticular that seem really familar..... "were these guys on the mmc?" she asks... kari denies it and says "i watched that show.. thats not them"

1998 ~ Nsync blows up with tearin' up my heart... Amanda watches the Disney concert special, and falls in love with Justin

September 1999 ~ Amanda and Alex, 4th grade friends re-unite in journalism...Amanda still loves Justin, and Alex does too.. its no big deal

January 2000 ~ Amanda starts to LOVE lance... and Alex begins to LOVE JC... Justin is nappy wit da fro

March 2000 ~ The scrubby boys of "Ghetto Scum Junior High" depress Alex... she obsorbs her angers in the nsync boys... keeping Justin to herself

Early April 2000~ "We have a situation..." Alex is pretty well over by all accounts her little mishap with the loser guys.. and just keeps JC and Justin.. no more sharing. Secretly Amanda is getting pissy about lance... he kinda bothers he a bit more... Alex tries to convince her... hell "you can have Joey".. gee thanks Alex...

Late April 2000 ~ After taping the "Fox Family Channel: *N concert with *Nsync" and watching the 60's medley of "that thing you do" approximatly 100,000,000,005 times... Amanda is in love with JC.. his spazzing is cute, his voice is cute.. hell even his teeth are starting to look cute... and JC kinda starts to piss Alex off... i.e. the picture below and Amanda says "you can have joey"

And this is where we have the situation... you see it was Alex & Amanda sharing Justin.. then Amanda with Lance and Alex with JC.. then it was Alex with Justin AND JC, and Amanda with Lance...

So we've come to an agreement... the current terms and conditions are as follows

1) Lance is Amanda's

2) Justin is Alex's

3) JC is shared property

4) Justin in certain pre-determined and agreed upon times is also shared property

5) Alex thinks Chris is funny in a cute way

6) Amanda thinks Chris is funny in a silly way

7) Amanda and Alex both think Joey is nappy

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p.s. if you take a quick peep at the picture above, of a VERY dorky JC... don't you think to yourself "why are they fighting over HIM!"