Jerome and the Bunch..

"you can't be a singer and do drugs!"

The teenys deny it.. but we're here to prove it. Maybe its a rumor.. but we can't deny the things that come right outa JC's mouth and all the tell tale signs.

How to tell if you're favorite Nsyncer is on Crack

Read the warning signs:

- they constantly rub their nose

- They start to admit they're addiction but cover it up.. example: *asked how he stays so energized* "Its alot of cocaine.. I mean caffiene.." yeah sure buddy

- they say when telling whats in their bunk "pillows and...*pause* stuff"

- they always spaz around like spider monkeys.. on crack

- they are exceptionally skinny..

- they have very bulging veins (from shooting up)

- they're fellow band members call him the leader.. i.e. he snaps sometimes and runs around screaming at people

- he has bad teeth (from smoking so much crack)

- he has blood shot eyes in any of your bop posters

- in interviews he kinda just sits there like he's a zombie (withdrawls)

- he says things no one would say unless they were high ("Steve roooollls wit us")

- he does odd side projects that seem as though he agreed to while high.. two words.. thug appeal

If you said Yes to all of these, You're favorite Nsyncer is JC..

If you said ues to "says things that no one would say unless they were high" you're favorite member is Joey..

Well y'all.. right from toby's mouth.. no wait.. well from JC's mouth, he smokes HELLA " caffiene.."


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