I love Crackers: Armagado'Nsync

Amanda here, you guys have no idea how much I Love this apperance. So what it was only like 3 minutes long and didn't really do anything but be funny. I LOVE IT! I serously do.. it kicks large amounts of ass.

If you haven't seen it here's how it goes: Apparently, the astrick (one of these: *) from the band B*witched has come off and is hurdling towards earth.. so NASA or whatever calls nsync... its so funny dude seriously..

Check this out:

When they are walking in the suits they look so freakin ghetto I love it....

When that dude is like "plus, I've always wanted to meet JC," the guy holding the CD is covering Joeys head.. ahaha I guess no one has always wanted to meet hoey...

Okay I love when JC goes "there is no 'I' in nsync!" ahaha

Watch when they show the slow-motion dancing.. poofoo sweety you are not in-sync :)

I love Justin's hick acccent when he's like "We might have experience driving your fancy rocket mo-biles or blowin up as-te-roids but when it comes to poppin' fresh dance move (bam) we're the best rag tag group of pretty boys on the planet"

When the voice over is like "sometimes the only ones who can save the planet are the dreamiest white boys..." juju is fixing his hair... joey is like putting on a necklace and lance... well lance is I think pretending to put on lotion... first of all what good is lotion going to do when YOU ARE WEARING A SPACE SUIT? and plus why do you put lotion on anyways lance? hehe...

I HATE YOU LISA KUDROW! YOU SKANK! sorry, j/k.. i love her, shes so funny but she shouldn't have her ta tas exposed near my mens.. ahaha I sound like a teeny bopper but come on... how many of us want to beat her for being that close to them.. and then they like fondle her with their animal CRACKERS...

now to the defining point in the ENTIRE thing... the cracker scene... I've seen it so many times.. I bet I can recite it... lets try

JC: I don't think an Animal Cracker really qualifies as a cracker

Lisa Kudrow: why? (she sounds annoyed...)

Lance: because putting cheeeeze on something is a defining characteristic of what makes a CRACKER a CRACKER ... *i'm pausing here to tell you I love poofoo... really I do.. the way he says Cracker.. omg... its amazing seriously i love it SO much! ahaha its almost as sesky as "girl were you alone..." actually the whole line is amazing... cheeeze... cracker and cracker.. those 2 (3 if you count the second "cracker") are the words that remind me of lance everytime.. that and Mississippi but thats another story)

Lisa Kudrow: oh,

* they all start fondling her right about now i think... bitch... :)*

LK: stop... stop.. sorry.. you're so cute, *looks at justin* hey nsync

all: yeah..

LK: do you think somewhere in the world there is another boy group doing the very same thing right now?

JC: yes, otherwise what the hell are we trying to save?

Joey: yeah, otherwise what the hell are we trying to save

Chris: yeah me too, otherwise what the hell

LK: okay, sorry I asked

*justin starts doing the cracker thing again... hehe but he's like singing this little song thing while he does it.. its like hu hu huhhuh or something.. I'm trying to make wavs of this crap but okay...*

LK: I said stop it...

Voice: Armagodde'Nsync

I'm so proud! hehe I love this apperance so much! OMG! I know its a humor site and I should be making fun of how fag it was... but come on... its cute the way Lance says Cracker so I can't make fun of it.


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