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WE LOVE MAIL! But here's the thing... teeny's beware. If you are planning on "giving those bitches a piece of your mind" then you might wanna reconsider. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE hatemail... especially if you spell everything wrong and sign it "Mrs. Justin Timberlake" :)... but just so you know you WILL be ridiculed and/or publically humiliated by these "bitches". After all, if we're this harsh on 5 guys who deep down we really LOVE, what the hell do you think we're gonna say about YOU? We all have personal E-mail addy's but ya know what? We don't wanna give them to you! So just send ALL yo comments, questions, praise (geez.. thanks.. j/k) and bitchin' and moanin' (thats my new favorite phrase.. bitch and moan! hehe) to these below.

Heres the deal.... we have hella email addresses! Alex and Nikki went a little crazy before I signed on to this little project.... so heres the deal, there is 8 different addy's and you can send your stuff to any of them.. but each page has one of these *contact* addy's on it.. so once a week we'll spend hella time checking them all. So have fun... and don't expect to hear from us within a day... because we are irregular with our email

Giddy.up.Toby@1nsyncfan.com ~ Amanda loves this one by the way.. all you lance fans better email this!








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