Why we love Chris

soory, I need more pics of Chris

=- he is SO funny!

=- the way he says little funny things, then giggles...

=- the way he is scarcastic

=- he's short

=- he isn't a pineapple head anymore

=- fumanskeeto.. hehe, I admire his determination

=- busta and korea.. those are damn cute lil' puppies

=- the way he hates teenies as much as we do

=- his new hair

=- Alex likes that necklace he always wears

=- his non-fashion.. style. He doesn't try to look fine *cough* justy.. but ends up looking pretty hot anyways

=- yes, he too has a hot body

=- and yes, he too humped the stage during digital getdown

=- the way he doesn't really thrust.. just half ass thrusts

=- the way he said "ass" on making the video

=- his puffy coat in bye bye bye

=- the fact that he always tells things without trying to sugar coat them. his honesty is refreshing


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