Celine... who gives a crap

first off I'd like to say.. I hate Celine Dion, and I am not sad to see her go! I would've given a "celine sucks.. farewell beatch" party, but I just don't give a damn. Anycrap... hehe, heres a short little review of a fairly pointless apperance.. I dug it though

The song: Music of My Heart featuring Ms. Gloria!

Funny stuff: when Celine was singing "thats the way it is" her new, and I admit.. not so sucky song... *Nsync sang backup... I bet this was Celines Idea... Listen hoe.. Nsync has more fans, money and jewelery than your sorry azz will so YOU should be singing backup for THEM!

She kinda got "close" to every member... cept Lance... the Lance conspiracy continues... she rubs up wit justy... then looks like she'll hug lance.. but then gets close and walks away! good you tramp! stay away from him.

Good thing Justy is legal.. or there would be a few words that would come to mind after the rub down Celine gave Juju... um... #1 being JAILBAIT! but do we blaim her? what is her husband? like 100? thank god for viagra right Celine?

Well Music Of My Heart was typically typical.... Jc sounded amazing... Gloria looked short... ya know.

Fashion 101 wit Nsync...

Justy screamed sesky... honestly.... some peeps think he looked like ricky martin.. I think he just looked FOINE! A tight white semi-see through crocheted sweater and black leather pants! yum and a half.. no joke

JC looked like a candy cane.. tis the season right babe? a White suit, and a red undershirt DO NOT match my dear

Lance, Joey: typical.. leather.. sweaters.. nothing special

Chris: cut hair and glasses? can we say MID LIFE CRISIS? hehe... no on a serious note.. I LOVE CHRIS' HAIR!

Side thought: why were there girls with Nsync signs? not that I care... but I bet Celine was pissed.. diva hoe

well nothing great here chilrun' but at the end of the night you couldn't help but think: CELINE IS GONE!!!! THANK GOD!

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