Its Summer!

Hop out of the pool and check out what gonna be goin' on at NNA!

okay, here's the deal. You know how on "biography" on A&E they have like "Bodyslam Week" and they'll have all these shows about wrestlers.. and then they have "Big Fat Slob Week" and they'll profile Lou.. ya get mah drift.. well the crew here at NNA have decided to host a SUMMER BLOW OUT PARTAE every week.

Every Week a New Theme with tons of stuff to go with it. It all kicks off in July with our BRAND NEW NAME being announced. More about that later, well check out the Calendar of Events and DON'T forget to Check us out EVERY week for some PHAT stuff!

How this "Calendar" works..: The dates I post may not be accurate, I figure that I'll update every Tuesday with a new section. But sometimes I may have to lay it over until Wednesday for one reason or another. Also you may notice that although we kick off on June 20th, we skip 2 weeks to the 4th of July... that's because we are going on VACATION! But thats a WHOLE 'notha week.. hehe

I have no clue when.. July though~ Grand Opening!

This will be the Official opening party of our site. We never really got to have a "Opening" Party or anything becuase out of nowhere our site started booming. But Guarenteed.. if you are only gonna catch one week theme: MAKE IT THIS ONE! Scheduled Apperances by: *Nsync, The Stever, Lonnie and Dre, Momma Bass, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, Carson Daly, The Cast of The Real World Hawaii, James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker, Mis' and 'Sippi (my cats), Mr. Bubble, Hollywood Humplik, Lou Pearlman, The rejects from 'Making the Band', The retards who made the band from 'Making the Band', Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg with performances by: *Nsync, Chris Rock, Destiny's Child, Sisqo and AMANDA AND ALEX! and MANY MORE!

July 11th ~ Viva ...?

Hear the tales, see the sights of Amanda and Alex's tour de *Nsync! Vacation has never been this hella sweet!

*July 15th ~ Problem Solved

Mysteries have NEVER been so entertaining! Its a fun, filled week complete with the announcement of Amanda's new favorite member, Unsolved Mysteries and some really funny mysteries that we have solved... or that Nsync has!

*Note: July 15th isn't a tuesday.. yeah I know, the thing is that I'm closing the polls for HELP ME! on the 14th and I am announcing the winner on the 15th and it's in conjuntion with the week's theme*

July 25th ~ Lovin' Week

We've got Ask Amanda! Dear Diary.. inside a teenies diary, Lovin' Line with Amanda, Alex and Dr. Fatone, many new chapters of everyone's favorite humor fan fiction and a very special guest to help you get the guy/girl you want MOST!

August 1st ~ Timberlake TV

Ahh.. worried becuase you can NEVER find a Justin Timberlake site out there? Confused as to why Justin has NO fans? Well we are turning ourselves into Timberlake TV becuase you know, there is just NOT ENOUGH Justin crap floating around. Including: parodies of all of our favorite shows starring who else? JUSTY! All hosted by the man himself.. jTr

August 8th ~ As Spaz as ya wanna be Week

A Whole week dedicated to JC in honor of his birthday!! Let's just say more stuff than you can possibly imagine and word on the street it that there will be an apperance by Mr. SHHUUZAY himself!

August 15th ~ Mississippi PRIDE!

Lance fans have taken over our site! How could this have happened.. I (Amanda) would never give away our passwords to ever lance fan around.. ;).. However it happened mark it down on your calendar as a week NO ONE WILL EVER FORGET! WHEN MISSISSIPPI RULES THE WORLD!

August 22nd ~ Girls, Girls, Girls... (omg, this is an old Montley Crue song.. its reminds me of Joey)

Joey has some how convinced all the Lance fans to give HIM the password to the site..perhaps its his unmistakable italian charm.. hehe..and now HE'S taken over! Joey was over heard saying by one of the Lance fans "Amanda and Alex can run, but they can't hide".... uh oh

August 29th ~ Ode to Busta

Now that Chris has gotten ahold of the controls on this site, he promised to give the site back to us, but not until he has his day in the spot light.

August 31st ~ Bye, Bye, Bye

As we say goodbye too Summer, and hello to school we take a look back at all the fun with commentary from all of Summer 2000's very special guests