A really funny note..

Awhile ago I wrote this to Alex when she wasn't answering her phone.... its funny.. check it out. BTW, all of the ebonics are intact.. we really do write like that, and if you have a problem with the language.. sorry, I'm a potty mouth. comments that weren't in there are in this color

Alexandra ~

I just called you and you weren't home but ah'm writin' dis but holy shit I HATE THE BSB! ah'm watchin' this disney special. Did you know that bsb got together on 4/20/93? No, we aren't druggies.. its kinda a inside joke thing that has to do with this guy at our school.. yeah. Brian just said that. btw, this is THE WORST dancing I've ever seen including **** "I can't dance just like Lance" **** (stars to protect the fool who dances like shit) Remember when I told you I taped mahself singing on tha machine thingy? Well I'm pretty sure its better than Nick's whiny, ick, disgusting voice. I can see why you liked Brian. I love his little accent. hehe. Southern People are all cool wit me.

Excuse me.. but doesn't a disney special with horse riding and basketball playin' sound familiar? damn bsb.. they copy, copy, copy all day long. hehe. Okay well maybe Kevin isn't so repulsive. He has a lil' accent too.. I like his little "Kentucky Hick-ville stories".. OKay, I've decided that I don't hate Kevin and Brian too much. See why I'm so acceptable to marketing ploys by those infomercials? Its because I get sucked in so easy. Do you notice whats going on? I'm actually kinda liking the BSB.. don't worry.. keep reading.

Brian is a really good singer. So is AJ.. the rest though.. why in the hell are chicks in slutty skirts dancing around them during "show me the meaning.."? what the fuck does that have to do wit the song? Okay, I officially semi-like Brian & Kevin. As for horndog, whiny jTr wannabe and S.L.R (scuzzy latin retard) well they just suck a big fat one. This girl at my school loves Howie. I know.. icky.. but she writes "L.L" on her notes and one day I'm like "what does that mean" and she said "Latin Lover.. its howie's nick name". ick, ick and more ick. Thats so sick.

Show me the meaning.. of hating backstreet, tell me whhhyy.. Howie never washes his haaaaiir..

Sorry, where in the fuck did that come from? Ya know what is sad? I know all the words to these songs. Damn kids.. I know the words to Ricky Martin and B*witched too.. Damn those kids forever for putting me through that. Long story short= camp counselor for 4 days at a shit box camp in the middle of as I lovingly referred to it "Dumb Fuck State Wilderness Mosquito Ville USA"+ Livin' la vida loca + a bunch of shitty other cd's + like 150 rich little bastards + me = my worst nightmare... damn that sucked.. The worst part is they all loved BSB, and Nsync was "okay".. If the band was only AJ, Brian and Kevin I *might* buy the 1st cd.. I think that one is cooler. Okay, I've decided these songs don't suck so much ass. Should I stop watching this? I'm diggin' it right now becuase they've stopped showing Howie and they aren't dancing.

Why do Howie and AJ go shopping? AHAHAHA.. Howie goes "I dunno if I'd wear this....um.. maybe.." and then like I think the camara guy pointed to the sign cuz then out of no where Howie looks up and goes "..oh its womens.. thats why" AHAHA what a dumb ass

hehe, AJ goes "Brian, this is the perfect fan" and pointed to a real fan. damn, I'm gonna spill my kool aid on here.. that was REALLY funny.. I think I'm too tired but this is really halarious.

I Hate howie so much. He's such a fucking retard.. Oh gawd.. they're gonna dance to "everybody" again.. what I wanna know is who told Nick he was gods gift? just cuz' the teenys tell you that you are sesky don't make it true bitch.. gawd I hate him. ALRIGHT! hehe.. I like that part. Disney changed "sexual" to "sensual".. fags. Why the fuck are they wearing gloves? Just a thought but I hate Nick and Howie.. OMG! They are playin and Nsync concert special commercial during this show. "Its a sign" yo...Its a sign to telling me to stop thinking these bastards don't suck cuz' they do! Alright.. Its official.. that was a sign from justy telling everybody to stop watching immediatly... nevermind.. they just let Nick sing and he's wailing out "tell me whhhhyyy" Forget I said anything. Brian is cool, Kevin is okay and Aj is pretty good singer, but as for Nick and Howie they are fools. The only one thats decent is Brian....

So there you have it.. from hatin' to likin' and back to hatin'.. its a strange note but I thought it was pretty funny if you've ever watched that special.. fools..

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