Justin asked Britney to marry him?


Ahh.. rumor or fact? We're here pondering this AGAIN in another installment in the Justy/Brit Saga. So today I'm on Instant Messanger with Alex trying to ask her which picture of The Rock looks the seskiest when she goes.. I quote "OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OOHHHH FFUUUUCCCCKKKKK"

So I immediatly said "what? what happened?" figuring she like royally screwed the buttons I just sent her or something. Then she says this "there is this little paragraph in the paper, like a sentance long.." and proceeds to type in this:

And then I go "What the F*ck is that about?" and we both spaz out... Justin you dumb bastard! You are gonna ruin our boys! Actually, correction. MY BOY! JC can have a solo career but Lance.. my little lancelett is screwed! So we decided to figure out what the hell was up.

I went into a Britney Chat. Her fans didn't know cept one said "yeah I heard that.. a pretty big load of crap huh?" That made me feel good. Britney fans think her marrying Justin is just as bad as Justin marrying Britney.

So then I feel I broke the news to the Nsyncers. I asked them. No one really said much, except one told me "Amanda, go to nsyncstudio.com and look on 7/9"

So I did. I was troubled when I read "Justin to marry Brit" with no question mark. "uh oh" I told Alex. So I went in and saw the headline "Britney to marry her Nsync lover boy" or something like that. I nervously clicked onto it, and was VERY relieved at what I read.

Bullshit. Thats what the article is folks. Complete and total, Toby the horse shit. Hack journalism at its worst. We took journalism, we know.

Read for yourself:

Big ups to Nsyncstudio.com for ALWAYS havin' the real scoop!

Britney to Wed Her N-Sync Lover Justin
(7/9) from News of the World UK: THE GOSSIP THE BIZ " OOPS...I’m afraid I’m forced to start off with some devastating news for us boys.
    Britney Spears is getting hitched to her sweetheart, 19-year-old N-Sync pop pin-up Justin Timberlake.
    Yep, the curly-haired American hunk went down on one knee and popped the question to Britney—who has vowed to stay a virgin till she marries.
    And she said, ‘Yes’.
    So lucky lad Justin is on a promise after slipping the 30,000 diamond engagement ring on her finger.
    Justin—a major star in the US—made the shock proposal to 18-year-old Britney during the couple’s recent trip to New York.
    A close pal of Justin informed me: “They were in a cafe having a coffee when Justin pulled out this ring—Britney was left speechless.
    “They haven’t set a date for the big day. They’re just taking things slowly. The engagement is a very private matter for them. I don’t think they’ve even told their parents.”
    The teenage pair have known each other since they were kids.
    They appeared together on American children’s TV show The Mickey Mouse Club in 1993 when she was just 11 and he was 12.
    The ex-Mousketeers met up again in November 1998 when Britney was supporting N-Sync on a US tour—and they have been dating on and off since then.
    “It’s all very exciting. They may only be teenagers but they haven’t got any money problems,” said Justin’s mate. “Both are massive artists in their own right.”
    Just last month Justin’s band N-Sync sold over two million copies of their album No Strings Attached—in just ONE week.
    And Britney has enjoyed amazing success since bursting onto the scene with smash hit single Baby One More Time.
    But she’s been unlucky in love.
    At one point she admitted using astrological charts to help her choose the right man. She also went through a phase of fancying Prince William.
    Now she’s tying the knot she’ll hope her male fans don’t turn their backs on her. When I met up with her recently she told me how much she loved her sexy image.
    She said: “Any woman who says she doesn’t want to be sexy is lying.
    “When I perform I get all warm and sweaty but the main thing about being sexy is just being yourself and when guys see that it’s very attractive.
    “The main thing I’m attracted to in a guy is his confidence.
    “Looks really don’t mean that much to me. It’s all about personality, you know.”
    Of course, Brit.

From the writer of this article: DO you know a story about a star? Call me on 0207 782 4375 or e-mail me at rav.singh@news-of-the-world.co.uk    This column offers a unique ‘fast track’ legal service for any stars who feel wronged by me. Our dashing legal chief Tom Crone is waiting patiently by the phone to deal with YOUR concerns — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you feel you have a case against me — dial my legal hotline number on 0207 782 4453. Rugs 'n' kisses from George "


Now after pasting this into IM, I told Alex what I was going to do.

"I'm going to email this guy"

"to tell him he's a fag?"

"I'm gonna tell him I hear from reliable sources that Nsync's Lance Bass is getting married to a girl from Washington named Amanda [censored]"


"Then I'll have Angela *(one of my best friends)* call him and tell him 'the inside scoop' from a close friend of the bride"

That's how I look at it. It's pretty sad that respectable papers around the world are taking from this Tabloid garbage. What else have tabloids said?

=- That there is a 600 pound half man-half bat living in Africa.

=- That Justin was dating Lance

=- That Hanson was dead

=- That Justin and Britney are getting married

Now why do we believe one of those and not the others? They were looking for some publicity, and being as how the "justin and brit are dating" angle wasn't enough to strike controversy anymore, they added some more to make it spark.. Justin and Brit are getting MARRIED.

So now you still wanna know.. why did our papers pick it up? Why not the bat boy story? Because when the Seattle Times prints this about Brit and Justy, every little girl is gonna call her friends and tell them to buy a S.T. or make her parents go to 7-11 to get her one. Controvery=money. And notice what it says.. read it again

Did they say "Britney Spears is to marry Justin Timberlake"??? NOOO! They added "Britain's news of the world" naming their source.. you know what that means? So when this turns out to be total crap, the S.T. doesn't have to worry about Brit suing them for liable, because they were just reporting info from that paper.

Its all quite simple. don't believe the hype. Stay tuned. Maybe it is true. Maybe Satan is wearing flannels to bed tonight. Maybe Howie has been abducted by some horny aliens.


New Note: 7/10/2000

Again, big ups to the peoples over at Nsyncstudio.com.. check out what Justin said.. right out of his own mouth!

"This has really gotten out of hand, me and Britney are not dating much less getting married. I have said this many times before and I will say it again, We are friends nothing more. We hang out yes and we do fly out sometimes to catch each others shows and we hook up while in the same city but we are not a couple."

Well there you have it guys, from Justy-Just his self.. for some weird reason I actually believe him.. this is weird.