:*:*: American Music Awards 2000 :*:*:

Booya baby Booya... Intial reactions:

:*:*: Amanda :*:*:

The puppets... oh lord the puppets.. ahaha that is THE funniest thing I've ever seen

Do you guys relize that the big ass JrT necklace on that puppet must be at least the size of the screen you are reading this on?

The Pinnocio (however you spell that, I thought it was shirley temple but I guess I was wrong) thing wasn't that fag... okay it was fag but i digged it

I LOVE THE PART WHERE THEY'RE LIKE: nooo strings attached... boom boom boom boom boom... and then the pirotechnics... sorry i just thought it kicked ass.

Then when the music started and they walk out.. omg.. justy you are awesome dude.. he does this funny ass ghetto walk out

Lance is NOT ghetto... sorry he is not

Why does chris have to walk around a dancer to get out his hole in the floor... :(

WTF... those freakin' hands in the background were PISSING ME OFF they were just there... whos idea was that? .... JOEY! (i don't know but hes the only one stupid enough to think that the hands were cool)

Ookay... on to the review...

I personally liked it... the new dance moves are hella tight... the puppets are amusing and the hands... well the hands have got to go (side note... because of my hanson loving days every time i try to type hands... i automatically type hanson.. its weird!)

Wardrobe... biotch (i don't know where this title came from.....)

Justin: justin could've looked better... the yellow was supposed to bring out his new hair color... but honey, no! yes, yes, yes, here we go..the afro has got to go! hehe but really people it seriously does

Lance: as if i didn't wanna run up and grab his FOINE ass before... he wears red! my favorite color if ya wanna know. They did lance good on this one.. the red made his hair and skin tone not at all ALBINO-ish.. mad props to the wardrobe mistress for this.

JC: Alex is gonna be pissed, but I didn't think JC looked that good... I've seen the babe look hotter. The green did make his eyes stand out but the hair just wasn't doin' it for me

Joey and Chris: really this was Justin, JC and Lance's performance.. I mean hoey and chris got the same color shirt... not spectacular lighting or makeup to make em' look PHAT.. nothin... sorry boys, you're just not fine enough

Things to watch....

In the beginning... the hands really are distracting... just focus on lances nice ass and you'll be fine

Watch Justin's solo part.. when he goes "gimme one good reason..." he grabs his crotch and thrusts very nicely into the camara.. we'll later come to learn they all do that (in bye bye bye the video if u watch it in slow motion... JC and Lance can be seen doing this too and its very very tempting.. hehe)

The thing where JC and Lance slide on their asses and Joey and Chris lift them up is kinda fag... i just don't really like it

When they do the "rodeo" move lance makes a fist and the other guys kinda do too... but chris has his hand almost totally open.. its kinda weird

Overall: Justin, JC: 8 Joey and Chris: 6 (they didnt really do anything) Lance: 9 (lansten looked FOINE!)

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