Calling all Women..

have you slept with this man?

The US Census Department needs your help. You see as they are trying to figure out the names and ages of all parties living in your home by sending out annyoing old people to write down your information, they are doing similar things in other areas.

One of those things in trying to effectivly assess the number of children belong to Joesph Anthony Fatone Jr. You see, this is important to the government becuase they need to know how many child support checks to bill him. Are you pregnant? Have you been pregnant? Could you be pregnant? Is there a chance it is Joey Fatone's child?

I'm bad... you see as a US census cordinator of the "Joey Fatone Project" its my job to process all the forms.. well I stole one so you could read it.


Yes or No.. please answer by writing either the letter "Y" for yes, and "N" for no

1) Have you had sexual relations with Joey Fatone? Y

2) Are you currently pregnant? N

3) Could you be pregnant? N

4) Have you been pregnant within the last 25 years? *if yes,skip to number 6) Y

5) Are you from the Orlando/metro area?

6) Is your child appear to be of italian desent? Y

7) Does you child have a large nose? Y

8) Does you child enjoy twinkies? Y

Information about you.. please fill in all blanks.

Full Name: Janice B. Johnson

Age: 20

Current Job/Past Job: Universal Studios Hot Dog Vendor

Location: Orlando, Florida

Where you met Joey Fatone: As the Hot Dog vendor, Joey used to come by about 5 times a day before and after his show at the other part of the park to buy some food.

Name of your Child: Brooklyn Ruby Fatone

In 200 words or less please tell us your encounter(s) with Joey and why you believe Joey is the father of your baby.

Well one day after the park was closed I saw Joey and he came over and said hi.. then he said "do you have any hot dogs in your pants?" and I said "" and he said "want one?" and then I was confused.. and then he just goes "wanna go screw on the farris wheel?" and I said.. "okay"... and that was it. I was a virgin..and Joey is the only man I've been with..ever.. then about a month later when I went in for my physical for my vendor's card the doctor told me I was pregnant... I told Joey when I found out that I was pregnant and he just avoided me.. we broke up right after that becuase when I didn't see him all day, I walked over to the Merry-go-round and I saw My sister, Jane, a popcorn vendor and Joey doing it right there... Then 8 months later our baby girl was born. I've tried to call Joey and tell him about how she's doing.. I even sent in a letter to him but I got a fan club prize pack back.. I don't think he got the letter.

There you have it.. what a skeez... I better go.. I'm supposed to be at the office in a half hour and I still have approx. 69,123,142 forms to process from Joey's hoes..

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