Hold da Pickle After Party

Review by: Tiffany!!

Well, I personally HATE humor sites. I think they are stupid and pointless, but when my big sister told me she was going to an afterparty and *Nsync was going to be there.. I had to go. The problem was that I had to be 21 to get in because they didn't want any teenyboppers in there. Well since I LOOOVE Nsync more than anything in the WORLD I decided to do whatever it took to get in! So I went with my sister to the club it was being held in.. and waited till' I heard that Nsync had arrived.. then I got out of the trunk where I'd been hiding and climbed the fire escape. That led to an appartment above the club.. well I opened the screws on the air vent with my fluffy little baby blue hair clip.. I think this was a sign from the lord that I was ment to be with Justin tonight! My goal: was to get a kiss from him. I know.. it sounds perverted... but I'm crazy okay?

So I shimmied through the air vent till' I was above the womens bathroom where I kicked the vent with my jelly sandels till' it busted open and I could swing down.

Finally I was in, and I reapplied my lip smackers (in peach.. becuase I know justin likes peach cobbler! :) and I went out into the club.

I was trying to spot Nsync when I accidently ran into my sis.. oops! Well she was cool and said if I stuck with her that she wouldn't make me leave. So she and I walked around a bit until she wanted to dance. She told me to go sit in the corner and wait for her.. just then I saw him.. like a big blob of perfectness.. Justin Randall Timberlake entered the room.

I got up and ran towards him.. I spotted him with two girls though.. he had his hands kind of close to their bottoms.. I figured it must have just been an accident you know.. his hands slipped. So I decided to be a commando and crawl across the floor to get to him.

Well just then my sister grabbed onto my baby blue fubu jersey and pulled me up. She told me to stay away from him.. that was Alex and Amanda, the editors of the site the party was for.. so I decided to look for my second favorite member.. Lance.

I walked around a bit.. when I saw him.. he looked so cute and innocent. So I crept behind a chair to spy on him when I saw one of the Justin girls come up behind him. The one with the darker hair. Well she came up behind him and handed him.. a beer! I'm not kidding! I couldn't believe it! Lance doesn't drink! what kind of girl is this? THEN something even more awful happened! He took the drink.. then he kissed her! I'm so not kidding you guys! Can you believe this skank?

So I started crying.. and ran to find my sister when I smacked into who else but JC Chasez himself! I looked up and saw him right before he kissed that other Justin girl! Can you believe that? JC and Lance are horrible and so are these girls! Don't they know they are our husbands? I was going to get married to Justin or Lance and my best friend Kayla was going to get married to JC and we were all going to live together forever!

So I ran away as quick as I could when again I saw him. Justin Timberlake. This time he was alone.. so I walked up to him and said "JUSTIN!!! OH MY GOD!!!"

He looked at me.. like Justin Timberlake looked at me! And I heard him say "Lonnie".. in case any of you don't know.. one time my friend meant to call me "tiffy" and accidently said "lonnie".. its like Justin was psychic and knew! I knew we'd be together forever until this big black guy came running up to me and 'escorted me out'... as I was leaving I looked back and saw Justin with that same girl that was kissing Lance! Can you believe it????

I found out the next morning from my sister their email address! Email them a piece of your mind!



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