No Strings Attached Thank You's..

The boys have compiled a sweet lil list of people to thank, but once Jive took a quick lookity-look they were about to crap their pants... and made them re-write them.. so here they are, the first cut album thank you's


Ah wanna first of all thank all the bitches who have been all up in mah jock this year: Britney, bitch from "model behavior" or whatever the hell that movie was called, Christina, Topanga, Janine (joey's sista), Lance's sister, JC's sister, Kathy Lee, all the innosense bitches, and the phatest bitches on earth: Amanda and Alex.

Second ah'd like to thank fubu, tommy hilfiga and mecca for makin' me sum phat gear yo!

Next I wanna thank my moms, yeah so shes a bitch and steals all mah money but I love tha hoe

And last but not least I'd like to thank shamika and tyrone for being my inspiration.. I'm gonna gets me those phat braids like y'all have.. guarenteed


I wanna thank Jerome, for always being there with my crack, i mean caffiene.. and I'd like to thank my friends, and family and god, and I'd like to thank Amanda and Alex for being my girlfriends, hope you don't find out about each other... and I'd


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