NSA Review...

until there is a Digital Getdown Video, this is the stuff

Amanda's in Navy (Alex's in white when she does it)

Bye, Bye, Bye

oohh, the big hit single! Its not like we haven't heard it 100000000 times you know? I've started to appriaciate it though. Its a really sweet ass song. I always think of the thrusting in my head.. hehe

Its gonna be me

I love this song. The beat boxing justy does makes me wanna make farting noises, no not makes me want to.. make me make farting noises every so often. I dig the "BAYB"s and the "MAE"s.. its quite sweet.. its mah "dancy dance dance" song.

Space Cowboy featuring Lisa "left eye" Lopez

Now, where the HELL do I start? This is THE worst song ever made. Yes I said EVER! Including Summer girls by LFO, ..baby one more time by Brit Brit and Wake me Up before you go-go by WHAM! (thats actually one of my faves now..) It makes no sense. Jc's phat voice can't even save it. Seriously. This one was written after a pretty DAMN big binge at Jerome's house. Its so gay and.. gay. Thats all there is to it. And left eye? girl whatchadoin? grrrll.. did you even hear the song? do YOU relize how much it sucks? "get nsync and put yo head to the sky".. omg.. no. Many are saying this is "Giddy up Part II". NO! Giddy up was a sweet song that I would karoke too (I got into a fight at mah homeyz b-day party cuz i wanted to say "girl were you alone".. guess who won the fight? oh.. gee.. ME!)

Just Got Paid

Number one, this song could've sucked. It had gay 80's reunion sucking all over it. But the Kool-aid saved the whole freakin' thing. Who's idea was it to use a Teddy Riley song? Isn't this the same Teddy Riley that if I'm not mistaken was involved in "Baby got back" by Sir Mixalot? Hmm, and I distinctly remember seeing Teddy Riley as the man behind "Rump Shaker".. watch the Monsters of Hip Hop commercial.. and see teddy riley.. but alas I dig this song. I used to think it sucked. But I'm lovin' it now even more. Thats one song I'd like to hear Nsync do.. Baby got back. "oh my god becky, look at her butt.. its so.. big! she must be one of those rapper guys' girlfriends or something... I like big butts and I cannot lie, the other brothers can't deny, when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and that round thang in yo face you get SPRUNG! I wanna get witcha, lemme take yo pictcha..tha brothas tried to warn me, but your big ole' butt gets me oh so horny.. so fellas *yeah* fellas *yeah* girlfriend got dat butt? *HELL YEAH!* so shake it, shake it,"... sorry.. omg.. i'm a loser.. ask alex.. how many times have you heard me burst into that song? maybe not alot around you but at least once a week. Everytime someone says "oh my god" i start in. BTW, Jc says a naughty word in this song.. at approx. 3:44 he says "gonna have me a fucking good time".. don't worry kids, he'll deny it and say it says "funky good time" but i know betta

It makes me ill

Phat. P-H-A-T, phat. I dig dis song.. ALOT its a quickie hyper maker. pop it in when you have an extra minute.. its an awesome song. when ju says "makes me wanna break down inside" i always shimmey. Am I the only one? I think it sounds like a time to shimmey.

This I promise you

really cool, sweet, little ballad. When I heard it on @MTV week I kinda wanted to cry. Sometimes I cry easy. oh well.. its cute. I like it alot.. JC's part is the best.. Ju's voice it a little.. icky in my opinion in the beginning.. just a little.. don't get bitter on me

No String Attached

BAM.. BAM, BAM.. BAM, BAM,..BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM...sorry... I love that. Jc is a stud. straight up.. i love this boy. I don't really get or like the lyrics but I love the "NOOO STRINGS ATTACHED!" followed by several hundred BAM!s that make me wanna do tae-bo.. the "his eyes wander 'round" has me shimming as well.. odd

Digital Getdown

"baybe, baybe we can do all that we want, we gettin nasty, nasty we gettin' freaky deaky, uh uh uh.. baybe baybe we can do more than just talk cuz' i can hear ya and I can see ya.. *uh, uh, uh*" Who ever says this, I love them. I want them to whisper it to ME on the phone. ah yes, it is VERY phat. some say its Ju, some say its JoJo, some say its Shak'pere or whatever that guys name is... on another related note, Nsync is gonna get me in trouble for singing Digital Getdown.. no SCREAMING digital getdown during p.e. while I'm playing tennis, and then proceeding to going "wha-poosh" at random times during the day. Drop my pen? pick it up? sit down? stand up? give someone something? get change in the lunch line? no matter what it is I say "wha-poosh"... i love that whipping noise.. its sweet. Anyone can atest to this. Ask Alex, I "wha-poosh" on a regular basis. Also when this is a single I insist on being in the video.. just a thought

Bringin' da noise

Alex's fave.. I wasn't too fond of it, but now I am, I like it. Its a okay song... its pretty cool.. when JC says "so shake it grrrlll" it makes up for everything.. and I like the way they say "party" its more like "paarty" with a NY accent.. yeah

Thats When I'll stop lovin' you

Um, kinda cheesy.. sweet though.. its a nice SONG.. bad lyrics though. sorry... I mean they are nice lyrics just... cheesy.. thats all there is to it

I'll be good for you

Justy's creation. Very Superficial.. I love the "chickauhh"... its right up there with "wha-poosh" on "Amanda's daily annoying sound affects" Justy is a QT.. I know you'll be good for me babe. "I know you'll open your heart for me".. haha, I always think "...open your legs for me".. sorry, it just sounds like a "come sleep with me.. i'm sweet, really" song.. "... "this is where you should be"? just listen... oh yeah, and JC, yes you can be apart of mah fantuhsay.. no prob babe

I thought she knew

My favorite. Its so short but I love it. It made my "anti-teenage anything" friend say "wow they are really good singers" from the SNL preformance. It just shows that underneath all the crap, these 5 guys are SO talented.. straight up

So whats the verdict? NSA: ***** five stars.. big ups guys

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