:*:*: Big Joe's lovin fans :*:*:

This shit is kinda hard work ya know? So I only talked to one of FAT-one's fans recently... but i will finish dammit! So check back for more teeny fun lata! NOTE: my comments are in white and ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY REAL! p.s. I kinda liked this chick... she didn't suck as much as the other teenys!

Amanda: hey! my name is amanda and I have a site called superman Joey! it was getting kinda late and my name expertice was getting shorter and shorter I am doing a survey/poll thing with other Joey Fatone fans. I was hoping you would answer a few questions it'll only take a sec!
joesteverlover: Sure! Anything for Joey!!! LOL! As long as you go to my site, please. lol ;)
well sure chickie...
Amanda: sure no prob!
joesteverlover: k! :)
Amanda: okay first question: what would you say if joey got dreds like chris'?
joesteverlover: uh... Whatever floats his fine boat! ROFL! :OD
hehehe i kinda liked her really
Amanda: hehe i know.... hed look so weird!
joesteverlover: YA!!! LOL!!! :OD :O)
Amanda: when u and joey are married will you let steve live with you?
ahaha see i don't say "if" i say "when" because every teeny fully expects to be husband and wife with an nsyncer
joesteverlover: Absolutely!!! LOL! :) He's hot, too. But Joey's better! LOL!!! :OD
oohhh okay you have some problems... okay I guess i could see what you like about joey but steve... ah heaalll nah
Amanda: if joey admitted he is paying child support on 2 different kids, what would you say?
joesteverlover: UGH!!! LOL!!! :OD
Amanda: thanks! you've helped me out so much! bye bye bye!

Well as promised... go to her site! hehehe i was planning on putting a link here... but i lost the doc. with the link (sheett) well sorry joe joe's girl.... :)

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