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The Wal-Mart Mini-series

What’s up Amanda here! Last week I went to Wal-mart to get my 
Picture taken with Santa! 
Guess who I saw? I'll give you a hint: "girl, were you alone?"

Santa's Little Helpers!

I walked into Wal mart and made a beeline for Santa. I sat up on his lap and started my little wish list...

 Amanda: I want lots of things

Santa: *deep southern voice* okay...

Amanda: wait... do I know you? You sound HELLA familiar?

Santa: uh... no little girl

Amanda: anyways... I want a bunch of posters...

    *Then it hit me... this sounds like lance! If I trick him into Saying.......*

Amanda: have you seen my mom?

Santa: what? What the hell kinda posters are those

Amanda: no... cuz I’m alone so I was wondering if you'd seen my mom?

santa: uh... no I haven't

Amanda: dammit I’m alone!

santa: girl are you alone?

Amanda: I KNEW IT!!!!!

santa: what?


santa: uh... no I’m not

Amanda; yes you are! you're lance... you know "girl were you alone" that lance!

santa/lance: dammit i've been found out!

Amanda: why wal mart?

lance: because that anal crackhead jc won't let me sing anything besides "girl are you alone" so I needed a second job to support my makeup... uh I mean beer expenses

Amanda: oh thats too bad... where are the other guys right now?

lance: shopping... they think I am too!!!

Amanda: where! all of them are shopping! in this store!

lance: yeah!

Amanda: uh... i'll find you later!

lance: okay... sure

    *I headed straight to the twinkie section... duh joey!*

Amanda: hello how are you?

joey: how you doin'

Amanda: uh yeah... anyways whos that? the dude with the camara?

joey: thats my brother steve! he video tapes me while I’m doing everything.... you know what I’m saying

Amanda: uh... yeah nice

joey: how bout' you and me make a little video?

Amanda: I’m jailbait

joey: I don't care

Amanda: uh... I have a boyfriend *lie*

joey: yeah but can he do you like big joe can?

Amanda: look horndog where's Justin?

joey: if I tell ya... i'll have to lay ya

Amanda: just tell me

joey: he's looking at hair dye... so about that video

Amanda: uh yeah maybe later....

* I run away to find the clarol section*

Justin: dis colla or dat colla?

Amanda: hey there

Justin: hey dere hunnie!

Amanda; you looking at hair dye

Justin: hells yeah!

Amanda: how bout' I help you dye your hair.... ya know back in the bus

Justin: yo girl... you crunk lets go

Amanda: first we should find jc... you know so he can help too

Justin: WTF?

Amanda: come on!

*we finally find jc... singing by the toothpaste*

jc: oh hey Justin

Justin: its j dawg... I’m wit a hunny!

jc: sorry.... wanna hear a cool jazz version of a song? where ever I goooooo

Amanda: actually no.... come with me..  I hear the blue light special is hair gel!

jc: really?

Amanda: yeah come on!

    *so me and my mens go find "santa"*

Amanda: santa, this is what I want for christmas.... and a little hottie named lance

santa/lance: lance? really? none of the groupies ever want me... I mean him

Amanda: oh yes... gift wraped in a tour bus... oh look outside... a tour bus.......

The second chapter in "the Wal-Mart Mini-series"

Runnin' through dat wal mart yo

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